Meet the Lust-Worthy Skincare Line Created by a Former Kiehl's Heiress


Francesco Carrozzini

From the woman who catapulted Kiehl's into a household name comes a new line of meticulously formulated luxe skincare products. When Jami Morse Heidegger sold the family business to L'Oréal, she continued to do what she loved: work with her chemist to blend the powerful skincare products she didn't see in the market, only this time it was for personal use. "I have always been interested in the idea of creating a more high-powered product. At Kiehl’s, I often requested my chemist to make more potent versions of my favorite products just for my own use. When I turned 40, my interest in utilizing the most concentrated ingredients and innovative technologies available intensified," Morse Heidegger tells us.

After refining her personal formulas using the latest technology and top-notch ingredients, Retrouvé was born. Her collection of personal skincare products was everything she wanted, "I have the freedom to create as I please," she notes. The sky was the limit when it came to conceptualizing the products—and no expense was spared. "Because the products were initially for my personal use only, no compromise was made in the cost, quality, or research behind the ingredients or processes used to develop the formulas. Retrouvé is my personal skincare vision of using only supremely exclusive and efficacious select anti-aging ingredients in superior concentrations and set in luxurious textures, that I was unable to find elsewhere."

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