12 Retro Flower Nail Designs for a Groovy Spring Manicure

Lilac French manicure with white daisy retro floral designs and rhinestone centers


Whether they're niche fads or entire decades, trends have a way of making a comeback at some point in time. In recent years, the '90s and early aughts have been everywhere, but another past era is returning, too: The groovy vibes of the '70s are officially back. Perhaps jumping off of Abba's renewed popularity and the new Prime Video series Daisy Jones & The Six, beauty and style are seeing an influx of bell bottoms, tie dye, and—best of all—flower power, in everything from clothing and accessories to nail polish. Ahead, see 12 retro flower nail art ideas that will have you ready to bloom this spring.

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Groovy Pastels

Pastel manicure with retro flower nail designs, French tips, and solid accent nails


The best part of picking out fresh flowers is all the colors to choose from. Turn your nails into the bouquet of your dreams with this pastel springtime floral display.

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Baby Daisies

When you want something minimalist but can’t help but fall in love with retro flowers, this nail design is a great option to try. By keeping the base color a neutral pink and the white daisies tiny, you can have the best of both worlds.

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Baby Blue

Pastel blue manicure with mini floral tips accent nails


Not ready to fully commit to retro floral designs on every finger? Try getting a few micro designs on one or two accent nails to add the pizzazz to a solid-colored manicure.

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Lilac French

Lavender French manicure with white daisy retro floral designs and rhinestone center


Elevate your nails this spring by sprinkling a sophisticated lilac French tip with some oversized white daisies. The rhinestone center accents offer a bit of texture and create a dainty retro feel that's the perfect accent to your favorite rings.

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Embellished Daisies

Get dramatic with these embellished flower designs, which feature chrome gold studs to add a little extra something to your everyday look. The turquoise base makes all the details pop.

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Dark Barbiecore

Hot pink French manicure with black daisy retro floral designs


If you don't want to leave dark shades behind in winter, you don't have to: Add a black retro floral accent to keep your moody vibe alive all year long. Combined with a fun hot pink base and tiny rhinestones, the balanced mani is ideal for if you're excited about the Barbie movie but want to stay closer to your own style.

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Midnight Blooms

Navy manicure with two solid nails and three retro floral design nails


If you prefer the flowers that bloom at night, embrace a navy palette to capture that magically majestic feeling. Alternating solid nails with retro floral designs creates a sophisticated balance that's sure to boost your confidence.

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Chrome Floral

Give your nails a shiny new lease on life by adding chrome floral accents to your pastel periwinkle French mani. The addition of the chrome offers a fresh take on a classic retro design.

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Girly Goth

Black manicure with French tip accent nails and multicolored retro floral nail designs


The trend of combining a dark base color with colorful retro floral nail designs seems to be here to stay, and it makes for the perfect mani to match your girly goth look.

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Fresh Blooms

White retro floral manicure on negative space background with light green accent French tips


A negative space mani is a standout way to allow big white retro florals to truly shine. Combined with an accent of pastel green, you'll be ready for whatever your day has in store, whether that's brunch or an Easter egg scavenger hunt.

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Retro Wallpaper

Black manicure with multicolored dark retro florals and French tip accent nails


As if a dark French manicure isn’t cool enough, the addition of this almost wallpaper-like floral design takes these nails over the top. The dark base gives this spring-appropriate look new depth, and we might even call these retro florals groundbreaking.

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Neon Flower Power

This is how you take a time machine back into the disco era, when lava lamps were a part of every household and flower power wasn’t just a saying—it was a whole lifestyle. In this '70s-inspired color palette, the yellow and orange flowers pop against the blue and nude base. Combined with a trendy almond shape, this is a standout way to give a past era new life.

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