Google Just Changed the Way You Work Out

We can all admit it: sometimes getting in some quality exercise is no easy feat. For those who aren't Equinox junkies, there's the matter of time, effort, and even the hurdle of deciding exactly what to do in the first place. If this laundry list of things getting in the way of you becoming your better self sounds familiar, you're not alone. And Google is here to help.

For the busy over-achiever on-the-go, Google has streamlined finding, choosing, and booking a workout. Reserve with Google is a new platform that allows you to search your area for upcoming classes and find one best for you (then syncs it with Google Maps and Google Calendar, of course). It even makes recommendations so you can discover new classes to try, providing descriptions, pricing, and reviews. Browse categories like "Barre Before Lunch" or "Dancing Friday Night" or even have a bit of fun with Google's "I'm feeling lucky" option.

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