Remington's Pro Hair Dryer Gave Me Quick, Smooth Blowouts Every Time

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REMINGTON Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology

remington AC2015 pro hair dryer

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

What We Like
  • Quick to heat up

  • Smooths hair

  • Inexpensive

  • Powerful air flow

  • Comes with two essential attachments

  • Soft finish

What We Don't Like
  • Setting control buttons shift easily under grip

  • Isn't compatible for international travel

  • Short cord

At this price, there isn’t much getting in the way of picking up the Remington Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology. It’s a straightforward, easy-to-use dryer that quickly delivers desirable results and a soft-to-the-touch finish.


REMINGTON Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology

remington AC2015 pro hair dryer

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

We purchased Remington's Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

I don’t know of too many people in my generation that blow-dry their hair, myself included. Yet, as a professional hairstylist, if I had to choose a single tool to work with for the rest of my life, a blow dryer is the easy answer. It can do just about anything: it curls, straightens, sets, diffuses, stretches. A blow dryer can do it all

Aside from the learning curve, I think a hefty price tag is often what keeps many consumers at bay from attempting to acquire the skill set needed to use such a handy piece of machinery. Few want to invest their hard-earned money into a gadget that needs some getting used to. With all this in mind, I come bearing good news: I found a dryer that’s both user-friendly and super affordable. I recently tested Remington's Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology to get a few different results and each trial gave me smoother results in mere minutes.

Keep reading for an honest breakdown of my experience using the Remington Pro Hair Dryer.

Remington Pro Hair Dryer With Pearl Ceramic Technology

Uses: Drying and smoothing hair in a straight or wavy/curly finish. 

Price: $30

Best Features: Pearl ceramic technology, professional motor, 1875 watts max power, 40% faster airflow, three heat settings, two speed settings, cool shot

About the Brand: Remington is an American personal care brand that has focused on making affordable, quality hair tools since its founding in 1937.

About My Hair: Thick, wavy, and prone to frizz

First off, I want to start by saying, I’m not the girl who likes to do her own hair. I let my natural waves air dry most of the time, especially this year when most of my time has been spent with an infant. My hair is pretty thick and it’s got some good waves so I find that less is more to get them looking their best. 

I wash my hair every one to two days, about three times a week. I use a conditioning treatment twice a month and a scalp scrub once a month, usually after I test products to avoid any build-up. Though I hardly style my hair post-shower, the one thing I will resort to doing if I shower in the morning instead of at night (which I prefer), is I’ll use some sort of frizz control product or leave-in conditioner to help tame my mane against environmental elements. I finger comb my hair gently, but rarely ever take a brush to it. All in all, I like to keep my products and my grooming efforts extremely lightweight. 

remington AC2015 pro hair dryer

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

Design: Clean and simple

The Remington Pro Hair Dryer is about the same size as your average dryer. It’s no bigger or smaller than what you’d expect. It’s easy to hold and it isn’t heavy. There’s not a lot of frill or excessive branding, which I like—the cleaner the design, the better in my eyes. The dryer’s settings are located on the grip of the dryer, as they are on most dryers, but I can see how these switches can easily get in the way while drying, especially for those who aren’t used to holding a blow dryer too often. I did have to readjust my airflow setting once while it was in use because my finger changed the setting on accident while I was drying. 

remington AC2015 pro hair dryer

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

How to Use: Rough dry, soft curls, or diffused waves 

The first thing I did with this blow dryer was used it to rough dry my damp hair. I had just gotten out of the shower and ready for the day, so it was beginning to air dry on its own before I took the dryer to it. I kept the nozzle attached to help direct airflow and avoid frizzing and set it to high heat and high airflow. Simply by using my hands, I flipped my hair back and forth from side to side just finger combing a bit to help direct the heat where needed. I was sure to start at the roots and work my way down the hair shaft. In only a few minutes, my hair was straighter and smoother while still holding some natural volume to it. Normally dryers will make my hair much bigger and frizzier after rough drying.

The results were pretty impressive, especially considering how quickly it went for my thick head of hair.

Next up, I did a full-on blowout using a 1 1/4” titanium thermal round brush. I did this without any product and applied the heat onto dry hair. My natural waves were air-dried the night before, so this test was less about the drying time and entirely about styling. The power of this hair dryer had no problem altering the texture and feel of my hair in just three sections.

My hair was softer and smoother in mere minutes.

When I finished round brushing, I tossed my hair around with the cool shot to help my new style lock into place. 

remington AC2015 pro hair dryer

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

Lastly, I wanted to put the included diffuser attachment to the test. For this, since my hair was very wet, I did end up applying a couple of pumps of EVOLVh’s Super Curl Defining Cream to help smooth my hair. Going from wet to dry, especially when diffusing, I like to give my hair the best chances of holding up. I finger-combed the product through my strands until it was evenly distributed and then turned the dryer on high heat at low airflow. The higher the airflow, the frizzier hair gets when diffusing. I diffused my wet hair about 80% of the way, hit it all with the cool shot to help it set, and then left the rest to air dry naturally. My waves were large and voluminous for the rest of the day. 

Performance: Super quick

One of my favorite things about this hair dryer is that it heats up nice and quick. There’s no lag going from hot to cool, and no wait time before putting it to use. All my results were super quick, never taking more than 15 minutes total, which is an important detail for someone like me who has thick hair, a toddler, and little downtime.  

The Results: Noticeably smoother

I used this dryer several times and never spent more than 10 minutes on my hair because that’s usually the amount of time I have to spend on it.

The first time, with hardly any effort, I felt like my hair was softer and smoother and that feeling lasted to my next wash two days later. It changed my texture to be straighter with and without a brush, but it also brought some life to my waves with the help of its diffuser attachment.

remington AC2015 pro hair dryer

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

The Value: A steal 

This budget-friendly dryer is a steal.

Remington has yet again managed to create a powerful tool that leads to promising results, all without making a major splurge.

I will say, I’ve only had the dryer for a month so I’m not sure how long its lifespan will go—that’s an area that always leaves me skeptical with budget-friendly tools, is their lifespan. Although, when you’re paying less than $25 for a fast-working dryer with great results and styling versatility, you're bound to get a great cost per use. Even if it worked once, it’s less time and money than you’d spend having it professionally done, so why not invest in a little DIY? The bang for your buck is hard to beat. 

remington AC2015 pro hair dryer

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

Similar Products: Quality vs. quantity

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($400): Although I don’t blow dry my hair often, I rely on the Dyson Supersonic whenever I need to turn to a dryer in my day-to-day. While the price tag of the Dyson isn’t comparable to the Remington, I know it’s going to have a much longer lifespan just by default. That aside, if I were in a pinch and needed something to get me through, I think the Remington Pro Hair Dryer is a totally worthy solution and I have no complaints about its performance. 

Final Verdict

The pros certainly outweigh the cons of the Remington Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology. No matter how I decided to use it, I got soft, lasting results with my hair in almost no time flat. It's an easy yes in my book.


  • Product Name Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology
  • Product Brand REMINGTON
  • SKU AC2015E2
  • Price $22.00
  • Weight 1.7 lbs.
  • Included Comes with a smoothing nozzle and diffuser attachment
  • Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty (if purchased through Remington)

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