A Hairstylist Thinks Remington’s 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron Is a Steal

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Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

What We Like
  • Very affordable

  • Effectively straightens hair

  • Results last for days

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't indicate when it reaches selected temperature setting

  • Small plates take longer to straighten hair

The value of the Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron is unmatched—it gave me sleek and smooth strands that lasted for days. While the straightening process may take a bit longer compared to others, it’s totally worth it for the price.


Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

We put Remington's 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

My relationship with flat irons hasn't always been friendly, to say the least. Case in point: When I was 15 years old and wanting stick-straight hair, I literally resorted to using a clothes iron because the irons at CVS just didn’t straighten my hair well at all! (One word: nope.)

Even now, as a professional hairstylist, it's been tough to find a budget-friendly hair straightener that really does the job—which is why I was looking forward to testing Remington's bestselling 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron. The takeaway? This iron renewed my faith. I can now say with confidence that there are affordable flat irons out there that aren’t going to compromise your desired results.

Read on for my full review.

Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

Best for: All hair types

Uses: Straightens hair

Price: $20

Best features: Ceramic plates, auto shut-off, heats up quickly

About the brand: Remington is an American personal care brand that has focused on making affordable, quality hair tools since its founding in 1937.

About My Hair: Thick and wavy but manageable

My hair is seriously wavy, so having the right products on hand can enable me to either tame it (for an imperfectly lived-in look) or enhance it (for loads of body and bounce). I typically choose the former—I like to keep my hair maintenance minimal because, well, I have a lot of hair. I usually use a serum (specifically Playa’s Ritual Hair Oil) after every shower and comb my fingers through to get out the tangles prior to air-drying, which helps my hair feel more manageable.

However, if there’s any hair tool that I must have on standby at all times, whether traveling or at home, it’s a flat iron. It's my quick fix that can smooth any funky, out-of-place strands in mere minutes. Plus, it stretches out my waves for some added length. What’s not to love about that? 

Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

How to Use: Small, 1-inch subsections are key

When I turned on this flat iron, I first selected my heat setting. Based on the brand's recommended temperatures, I worked within the "normal, easy to straighten" range (350 to 370 degrees) for straightening and the "thick, difficult to straighten" range (390 to 410 degrees) for wavy styles.

Even though my hair is thick and wavy, I’d consider it pretty easy to straighten and receptive to heat styling, so I didn’t think using a high temperature was necessary. I was more concerned with heat damage and maintaining my hair’s condition, so I started low (at 350 degrees) and never surpassed 390 degrees.

Dr. Kari Williams, a board-certified trichologist and licensed cosmetologist, recommends always using a heat protectant before styling to protect the hair—even though it does not guarantee heat damage, it does decrease the likelihood. "Additionally, it’s important to flat iron clean hair, always start on the lowest heat setting, flat iron one section at a time, and evenly distribute heat through the hair by using tension as you pass the iron through your hair sections," she explains. "If you pass the iron through a section too many times, you risk heat damage."

Meet the Expert

Dr. Kari Williams is a board-certified trichologist, licensed cosmetologist, and member of DevaCurl’s Expert Curl Council.

One minor drawback, for me, was that there are no light or sound indicators that the iron has reached its desired temperature range—the digital temperature display is actually kind of difficult to read in natural lighting (either that or I’m just getting old). However, on the plus side, it only took about 30 seconds to warm up to my desired temperature. 

After my hair transformed, I went back over it all to create flat iron waves and S-shaped waves. I cranked the heat up to 390 for this because I knew I’d be fighting against what I just did by flattening out all of my natural texture. Overall, my hair was receptive to both settings and desired outcomes without any trouble. I didn’t have to go over any sections twice, so long as they were the appropriate size. 

In my experience, the ceramic plates were really great for making waves. They’re super smooth and the hair doesn’t catch in between them, which I know can happen with a lot of flat irons, especially if your subsection is too wide. It wasn’t hard to move the iron back and forth for waves, either. The plates would glide down each section without any stiffness in my range of motion that would have potentially caused dents along the way down. My hair didn't become staticky or frizzy as I went over it with the flat iron, either, so it definitely lives up to its name. 

Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

The Results: Impressive but not as quick as I’d hoped 

I’m used to flat irons providing a quick fix. I can typically work in three major sections and lazily run the iron over my hair. While the Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Iron definitely flattened out my texture and added a few extra inches to my length, I found that the best results came from taking smaller subsections of hair. (Generally, a good rule of thumb is to take sections of hair that are as big as the width of your plates or barrel. In this case, this is a 1-inch iron, so I needed to take approximately 1-inch subsections to get super-smooth strands.)

However, even though the process took a bit longer, I'm not mad at my results—in fact, it's the opposite. After straightening it just once, I had four days of sleek, smooth hair.

I even threw it up into plenty of buns and ponytails each day to keep my kid from pulling it out, and when I let my hair down, I was really impressed not to see any major kinks or creases.

My only recommendation is that if you have as much hair as I do, you might want to consider a different iron with larger plates. If you have a lifestyle that permits for a few extra minutes, it might be worth your time to save a few extra dollars. It took me fifteen minutes to get my hair looking really clean and straight. As a new mom, I’d rather spend that time to stretch or do my skincare routine, personally. So it’s really up to you! But I will say, if you have finer strands, this is a crazy good deal and it should have you ready in no time. 

Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

The Value: It's a total steal

I’m extremely impressed with this iron, particularly for its price point. Not only was its performance and outcome impressive, but my style’s longevity left me kind of astonished. The flat iron waves and S-shaped waves eventually fell out at the end of the day, but my straight hair lasted four days! If you’re looking for a flat iron to simply straighten your hair, the fact that you can get such great quality plates for under $20 is no joke.

Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

Byrdie / Ashley Rubell

Similar Products: You have options

GHD Classic Styler ($149): I normally use a GHD Platinum+ Styler on my hair to smooth out my waves. This styler is worth every penny and has much more impressive, user-friendly technology in my opinion. However, there’s a drastic difference in price between the two (the GHD retails for $250), so I don’t think it’s fair to compare them. That said, the GHD Classic Styler, which is priced at $149, isn't worth the investment when compared to the Remington—even though it's under $20, its titanium-coated ceramic plates feel so much better on the hair and the results lasted a whole four days.

Final Verdict

I’ve had the Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron for just two weeks now and the cost per use so far is $1.27 per day! Assuming it will get you through a few months at a minimum, you’re getting great hair for mere pennies, my friends. And if it lasts through the whole year? The value is unmatched. I’d buy this iron for a friend, no question. 


  • Product Name 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron
  • Product Brand Remington
  • UPC Remington 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron
  • Price $20.00
  • Weight 10.4 oz.
  • Product Dimensions 1.13 x 1 x 11.75 in.

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