9 Inevitable Beauty Problems That Happen in a New Relationship


Urban Outfitters

The beginning of a relationship feels like a dream—sped-up moments played to a soundtrack of "We Found Love" and "This Strange Effect." Everything is scary but beautiful and every gaze filled with butterflies and adrenaline. So much so that it can knock even the most devout beauty girl off her regimented course. We'll sleep in our makeup to wake up with smudged liner and use our partner's face wash in lieu of our prized cleansing balm. We'll forgo masking for making out until our lips are chapped and our skin is sallow.

However, there are solutions that can help even the most lovestruck individuals get back on track. You can have your fun and take care of yourself too. Because we've all been there, I reached out to other beauty fanatics at Byrdie HQ to hear their starry-eyed stories and the surprising (and often hilarious) effects that falling in love has on their beauty routines. Turn on some romantic tunes and keep scrolling.