I Got a Laser Facial With My Own Blood, and It Was Honestly So Worth It

Anyone else who has ever gotten a laser resurfacing treatment on their face will understand the very unsettling sensation of hearing your dead skin get zapped away. And yet, listening to the staticky crackle of disintegrated blackheads wasn't the weirdest part of my first-ever laser experience. Nope—that distinction goes to the very large vial of blood that was removed from my arm 30 minutes beforehand, made into a serum, and then slathered onto my face as a post-laser healing treatment.

Would it sound less crazy if I told you it was all in the name of a better complexion? This is the Regeneo Facial, an age-rewinding, skin-resurfacing treatment that promises to revert even the dullest, most weathered and uneven complexions to a bright and youthful state. Offered by the celeb-frequented practice Moy, Finchner, Chipps Dermatology in Beverly Hills, it's essentially a version of the Kardashian-endorsed "vampire facial."

If the idea of using your own blood as a potent elixir of youth makes you squeamish, it might be time to start getting used to it—the research behind it is that promising. Because platelets are the cellular components of our blood that are responsible for clotting and quick healing, scientists have begun studying how we can actually apply this natural phenomenon: speeding up healing in damaged joints and connective tissue, for example, or in this case, restoring skin to a healthier state by giving collagen a boost. There's a reason why Dr. Barbara Sturm's blood-infused moisturizer is so incredibly popular among the Hollywood (and beauty editor) set—it's based on hard facts, and yes, it's really that effective.

"Now that we have this amazing technology to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood, there are a number of ways we can apply it to our existing skincare treatments," explained Jennifer Herrmann, MD, when I arrived at the practice for the Regeneo treatment. Essentially, she said, the PRP was extracted and ultimately concocted into a highly potent, very personalized serum. "We can actually mix it with fillers to further boost collagen, or combine it with a laser treatment to speed up the healing and regeneration process." I would be experiencing the latter—and while I was totally game, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a tad bit nervous.

Keep reading to see how it all went down.