The #RefrigeratorShelfie Is Your New Favourite Instagram Trend

The #avocadotoast fatigue is real. And you've seen more than your fair share of unicorn-coloured smoothies overflowing from mason jars. (Seriously, is the perfect 'gram really worth the mess?) 

So you might be as relieved as we were to learn about a more niche wellness trend that's only just beginning to bubble up on our feeds. Meet the #RefrigeratorShelfie.


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In the same vein as vanity pictures, this variation on the traditional #shelfie offers a fairly intimate look inside the daily eats of some of IG's top wellness influencers.

But they're also ample inspiration for top-notch meal prep, not to mention dreamy organisation skills. (For tidy people, scrolling through these images is kind of meditative, no?) 

All the fruits and vegetables are necessary for a rainbow-coloured fridge.


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(P.S. Champagne and other treats are highly encouraged.)

Inspired to give your own fridge an overhaul? Don't forget to 'gram the final result.