THIS Is Reese Witherspoon’s Favorite Workout

We’ve gathered through paparazzi shots that Reese Witherspoon's a fan of cardio and mat exercises, but until now, we were left wondering what gym or personal trainer keeps her consistently fit. Seriously, we hope we look that good at, well, any age. Now we know how! 

Reese has been training at Burn 60 Studios, whose claim to fame is a 60-minute high-intensity workout focusing on strength, endurance, and stability through interval training. Just that description makes us sleepy. Should you be brave enough to attempt Reese’s workout, we know how you can do it for free. Burn is opening a new location in West Hollywood next month and offering two weeks of complimentary classes if you sign up through its website, That’s a pretty big perk, considering some celebrity workouts cost $45 per visit—we’re looking at you, Tracy Anderson.

No matter where or how you choose to stay fit, chances are you put your hair up. We recently fell hard for Invisibobble’s Traceless Hair Rings ($8). They do look a little funny, but they are the only hair ties we’ve found that leave absolutely no crease when we let our hair down post workout. That's a major innovation, as far as we're concerned.

Don’t forget to let us know if you try out the Burn program and, most importantly, if you see and feel results. Seriously, there’s no point in hauling a** to the gym if it isn’t efficient. 

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