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Reddit is, inherently, a site used for like-minded people to anonymously discuss a niche topic (or, conversely, for those with strong opposing opinions to share their thoughts). And while makeup isn’t necessarily niche, the users posting on r/MakeupAddiction seem to have a rare passion for palettes and primers. Between the newcomers asking for CC (that's Reddit speak for constructive criticism) in regards to their contouring or eyeshadow blending, and certified makeup artists chiming in with their life-saving hacks, the thread is a goldmine for the best beauty tips out there in real time. (And it’s lovely to watch conversations between thousands of people who have one thing in common: Loving makeup. Faith in humanity, restored.) 

There’s more where this article came from—check out the r/MakeupAddiction thread to see for yourself—but in the meantime, we’ve compiled some of the buzziest, most mind-blowing suggestions we’ve seen so far. 

Think of your under-eye bags as drywall.

Likening concealer to spackle may not be the most idealistic comparison, but this smart application tip gives weight to the analogy. “I find that if you have deep set eyes or dark under eyes, you get much better results if you apply concealer mainly to the inner third of your under eye and then blend it out. This might be a strange analogy, but think of it like you're covering up old screw holes in the wall. If you just paint over everything, you still see the hole. But if you focus on concealing that hole and then painting over, you get a seamless finish.” –u/PixelatedNips

Replace powder products with cream for a dewier finish.

Byrdie knows the power of a cream products and how swapping them for your powder mainstays can make a huge difference, as does the Reddit community. “I have dry skin, so I always moisturize once after I shower and once before doing my makeup. It helps a lot with keeping my actual skin nice and dewy. On top of that, I like using foundations with a light and dewy finish. I try to use as many cream products as possible—cream contour, blush, and highlight—and I really only set with powder on my under eyes, sides of my nose, and chin. Sometimes forehead. I also use a setting spray. EVERYTHING DEWY! It’s helped my skin stay hydrated a ton.” –u/SharksAreF*ckingRad

Blot and repeat for longer lasting lipstick.

To help keep your lipstick in place for hours on end, try vacillating between applying lip liner and blotting before landing on your final lipstick color. "Lip balm, blot, lip primer, blot, liner, blot, lipstick, blot, lipstick, blot. Back in my day (I'm joking, but not really) that was how I kept lipstick on before liquid lipsticks. Also using tissue paper, like for wrapping a gift, or blotting papers works better than a tissue to blot lipstick." —VariousLettuce

Offset a round face with highlighter and bolder eyes.

It's true: highlighter can actually play with light to alter the shape of your face. “Highlight the center of your forehead, nose, cupid’s bow and chin to elongate your face. Extend your eye makeup to the sides—it makes your eyes look bigger and your face smaller in proportion. (But it should always stop at the end of your brows!) You can go bolder with your brow arch to offset the roundness as well.” –u/vladjamin

It’s never too early (read: bedtime) to get your brows ready for the next day.

“If you get crazy hairs, try brushing your brows before bed. When I moisturize my face, I’ll work some of it into my brows to coat and shape. I also recommend not going two shades darker than your natural color—if you accidentally go too heavy or dark, you can take the brow brush and brush against the hair direction to remove some of the product. And you don’t have to use more than one product to achieve beautiful brows! You can choose what’s right for you, between gels, pencils, and powders. And don’t forget to clean up around your brows with a little concealer—it will go a long way for your overall look. –u/craftypineapple

Personalize your false lashes by Frankenstein-ing them.

False lashes, in their packaged state, aren't necessarily the best shape for your unique eyes. Instead, keep a pair of scissors handy to make your own bespoke falsies. “I’ll actually cut my false lashes into two or three sections and glue each section on one at a time and I also cut off a bit of the inner corner lash part and that helps them from sticking up in weird places.” –u/Maleficent91

If you have downturned or hooded eyes, keep your eyes open.

“Do a lot of your eyeshadow blending with your eyes open. I like to blend the crease shade above my crease so it shows better. Same with a cut crease—cut above your crease.” –u/potshead

If you’re a glasses-wearer, use it as an opportunity to experiment with your looks.

“I wear glasses, and we can get away with wearing really bold eyeshadow because once we put on our glasses, no one can see it! [Ed. note: the color is still visible, of course, but downplayed a bit.] Play around with bolder eyeshadow looks during your down time, and start wearing them out when you feel more comfortable with them.” –u/NicoleanDynamite


Got oily skin? Matte powders may actually be working against—not helping—your look.

“Use powders that are hydrating, or at the very least, not totally matte. I’m personally oily, but I don't like many powders because when I use enough to take down the oil, it makes my skin look flat and unnatural.” –u/English_Lily Team Byrdie loves Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder for a soft finish that still allows skin's luminosity to shine through.

If your under-eye concealer is setting in and emphasizing your wrinkles, take some extra steps.

“Product will settle into lines no matter what, but these things have helped me: Make sure your under-eye area is moisturized, and start with a very small amount of concealer and add coverage as needed. (Instagram makeup goes a little too heavy on the concealer sometimes.) Set your concealer with a light amount of powder until it’s no longer tacky. Finally, use a setting spray to help set the powder.” –u/sesw1.

If you're still experiencing creasing, try dabbing a lighter weight concealer with your finger only in the areas needed (like the inner corners of the eyes).

Don’t skip the eye highlight.

“Highlighting the inner corner of your eye is a severely underrated step. It completely changes your eye look for the better.” –u/MsTaraBrooke

Use a bun donut to clean your makeup brushes.

Yo've probably seen those slightly abrasive sponges that come in tins that you can swirl your makeup brushes in to do a quick-change before using a different product or shade, but if you're in a pinch (or want to save some money), user redsiren94 says a bun donut essentially works the same way.

Good quality brushes change everything.

“Invest in some good brushes! They don’t have to be expensive. I have a collection of brushes that I love with different shapes blending brushes, shade brushes, packing brushes and face brushes, and they have really helped me elevate my skills. Use them in different ways and find what works. Personally Sigma, NYX and some of the Morphe brushes are my favorites.” –u/TheKylieLife

Applying too much pressure will sabotage your eyeshadow.

“Use a really light touch with the blending brush, meaning don’t put a lot of pressure on it. Think super light back-and-forth or little swirls. Pressure makes it harder to blend and patchy.” –u/Irishsassenach

A powder puff may be the missing link in your makeup routine.

“I find using a powder puff gives me better results than anything else. The trick is that you don't wipe it onto your face—[instead], press it into the foundation while it's still a bit wet and sticky. Then, take a large, fluffy brush and dust the excess off.” –u/English_Lily

Not the best at applying mascara? Try cleaning up with a spoolie brush.

If you've ever gotten little flecks of mascara on your eyelid or around your eyes, a fresh spoolie will solve your problem. “I can't help with the actual application being less messy, but I know how best to clean up afterward! Let it dry COMPLETELY, then take a spoolie (clean, obviously) and gently scratch the mascara away.” –u/REDditForFilth1184

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