10 Weird but Wonderful Beauty Tips From Reddit

Anyone who’s not gotten lost in Reddit’s black hole of memes, Internet language–fueled wit, and the occasional mind-blowing, totally obscure piece of information either 1) is lying or 2) has never been on Reddit. The Internet is one of our favorite places to gather beauty intel, and we recently waxed poetic about all the best Reddit beauty threads in which to gush and learn (which should totally be the new “lunch and learn” for beauty addicts) about curly hair, Korean beauty, and more. But for those of you who think the word thread is something you poke through a needle, Reddit’s vast treasury of information might seem a bit overwhelming. Never fear—beauty editors are here. We tasked ourselves with finding the weirdest, most wonderful beauty advice on Reddit to help everyone out in the vast Interwebs take their grooming routine to the next level. Will you swap your dry shampoo for cocoa powder or swap your makeup brushes for $2 paintbrushes from Michaels? Up to you—but they get our upvote.

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