Red Wine, Coffee, and Chocolate: What All Those Conflicting Studies Really Mean

We've reached the point where our Pavlovian response to the words "red wine," "chocolate" and "research" is a deep eye roll. Sleep and coffee, too. What's the verdict this week? we wonder when a new study pops up on our Facebook feeds. Is seven hours of shut-eye considered ideal, or is it seven hours and seven minutes? Will that fourth cup of coffee kill me, or will it make me live longer? Is chocolate good for my heart or not?

It's understandable, given that we're constantly bombarded with new research that seems to perpetually contradict itself. The information is so overwrought that honestly, the best strategy seems to just focus on all the purported benefits, ignore the bad, and call it a day. But then again, being the health-minded folks that we are, there's that nagging instinct to wade through all the murkiness to get to the truth. 

So that's exactly what we did, so you don't have to. Read ahead to find the most up-to-date, substantiated, no-B.S. pros and cons of coffee, wine, sleep, and more.

What other conflicting studies are you curious about? Tell us below!