30 Red Nails Looks to Wear All Year Long

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Oftentimes when people embark on the mission of selecting a nail polish color, red is left out of the equation. Much like red lipstick, many people wonder if it's too much for an everyday look. Well, folks, we're here to let you know that, as with red lipstick, there is no such thing as too much. If you want to wear a ruby red polish or pout, we say go for it. While there's really only one way to rock red lips (albeit in different shades), the options are rather endless when it comes to nail ideas. That said, we took to Instagram to find 30 red nail looks that can be worn all year long. Check them out, below.

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Red Swoosh

If you prefer a purely red nail look, this squiggle negative space option might be right for you. To DIY, use a striping brush to create the curved dividing line and carefully fill one side with polish.

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Red Roses

Instead of (or, better yet, in addition to) buying pricy bouquets for yourself, give yourself the gift of everlasting blooms with this rosy manicure. Get it done in gel and you'll be able to stop and stare at the roses for up to two weeks.

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Silver French Tips

Modern French manicures are having a major moment, so what better way to rock red polish that by topping it off with crisp silver tips? We'll wait.

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Snake Skin

Red nails don't have to be all red. Case in point: These dark textured snakeskin nails. With black and red detailing that looks unbelievably life-like, your jaw (like ours) is likely on the floor.

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Blue Squiggles

Yet again, we're schooled in the way red and baby blue look simply perfect together. Just imagine all the ways you could wear the color combo on your nails.

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Chic in Chanel

Keep it classy with a simple red Chanel logo on your pointer finger.

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Red Woman

Romanticize your manicure with this red silhouette design that showcases lashes, lips, and lovely contours.

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Red Diamonds

If you fancy negative space nail looks that prolong the life of your mani, skip the half-moon cuticles and opt for this diamond design.

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Glossy Red Tips

With shiny red tips and a simple black line across each nail, this manicure reminds us of half-turned red lipstick. It's an abstract beauty statement we'd happily recreate.

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Strawberries + Mushrooms

Hoping for a manicure that looks fresh out of Wonderland? This strawberry and mushroom nail look is different and delectable all at once.

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Tiger Stripes

Whoever said tigers have to be orange or white clearly don't know the power of black and red stripes.

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Red + Blue

Juxtapose glossy red polish next to shiny baby blue for a geometric nail look that's both chic and patriotic.

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Red Gingham

Life's a picnic and you can illustrate that with your nails. Seriously, one look at these artfully-painted tips and we're craving a set of our own.

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Crisp Red

Sometimes a stunning red manicure isn't as much about perfectly even coats of color from cuticle to tip. Instead, it comes down to innovative ways to wear the shade. As is the case here.

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Levi's Nails

Excuse us while we lose our minds over these perfect negative space nails that look like free-floating Levi's tags. Betina, you've outdone yourself yet again.

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Checker Board

This checker-accented red manicure brings images of summer (and speedways) to mind.

To create the crisp lines that define this look, pick up some nail striping tape—you just paint your entire nail and then peel the tape away.

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Chrome Cuticles

If you loved the silver and red combo but aren't feeling a French, flip it upside down to recreate this swoon-worthy nail look.

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Over the Moon

Red, burgundy, and a sliver of matte negative space make for one nail look we can't stop staring at. You too? Use a circle sticker as a stencil at the bottom corner of each nail and follow up with a red base to the tip and a burgundy arch overtop.

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Bloody Accent

If you're obsessed with Villanelle and Killing Eve (hi, same), this blood-drip accent nail is worth considering.

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Bandana Nails

Bandana print is making a major comeback in 2020 with jackets, pants, and dresses showcasing the trend. Why not add your nails to the list?

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Red French Tips

Another way to update the French manicure is by expanding the tip and painting it in red. To do so yourself, use a circle sticker on each nail as a stencil to paint on the tips. Finish with topcoat.

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Glitter Divide

A red base with a single line of gold glitter? Simple and demure.

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Cherry Nails

Hoping for a longer example? These jelly cherry nails are racking in likes.

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Abstract Woman

This nude, red, and black manicure is feminine and flirty. Needless to say, we're a fan.

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Watermelon Nails

Summer simply isn't summer without watermelon. While these nails are especially hip for hot weather, you can wear them whenever you'd like.

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Red Jelly Nails

For a Pulp Fiction vibe, check out these intense red jelly nails. The slim black cuticle accents add a dark flair.

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Ladybug Nails

Ladybugs are lucky, so by that verdict, these spotted nails will be too.

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Red Hot

Feeling hot and bothered? Check out this red flame mani that's sure to turn heads.

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Mickey and Minnie

If you're a Disney lover, look no further than this Mickey- and Minnie-inspired nail look.

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Strawberry Nails

If you love the idea of long clear nails dotted with playful art, you'll swoon over these sweet strawberry nails. The coffin shape really adds to the look.

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