I Own Over 200 Red Lipsticks—These Are the Very Best

Fact: I feel like a confident, unstoppable, gorgeous, fearless, badass, 26-year-old woman who can do anything when I'm wearing red lipstick. I'm beauty-obsessed, and there's no other product in the world that has the same effect on me as red lipstick. The way it levels up my confidence is truly untouchable. So yeah, you can call it my signature lipstick. I discovered the effervescent powers of a good red my freshman year of college. I was that 18-year-old unabashedly walking into my mass media communications class with a bright red lipstick on at 8 a.m. just because I felt like it. The mood-boosting magic of red lipstick is a feeling everyone should experience, so I'm excited to share the wealth with my favorite red shades of all time.

Here's the thing with reds: There are a lot of them. A line of lipsticks doesn't feel complete without some sort of red, so nearly every beauty brand has several of them. Don't judge me when I say this, but I have a stack of red lipsticks sitting in every corner of my room. The obsession is real. It's been a learning experience finding the right reds for my dark skin tone over the years. There have been a few bad apples in the bunch, but the good ones deserve to shine. This was not an easy task, but I've rounded up the very best red lipsticks for dark skin tones. You can quote me on these.