Found: 17 of the Most Iconic Red Lipstick Looks in History

Red lipstick is to beauty lovers as the Super Bowl is to sports fans, cashew ice cream is to vegans, and cheese is to Wisconsinites—essential, addictive, and deliciously intoxicating. Thus, it's no wonder the look has been captured on camera and emulated for decades upon decades. Sure, a red lipstick look is as classic as it comes in terms of beauty aesthetic, but it's also seamlessly adaptable depending on the approach. Matte, candied, glossy, satiny, orangy, juicy, bloody—truly, there's a quintessential red lipstick look for everyone, even if you are (or ever have been) convinced otherwise.

Of course, we can talk all day about how unequivocally dreamy an on-point the red lip is, but how fun would that be? Thus, we decided to bring our obsession to life with never-before-seen photographic proof: 17 of the most iconic red lipstick looks ever. (Okay, we lied—they've definitely been seen before, just not all together in one place.) Do we sound dramatic? Maybe, but we have a hunch you'll feel dramatic too after gazing upon the must-have shades of Bordeaux, tomato, rose, and electrified coral. Excited? We are too. Keep scrolling for the best-ever looks to inspire your next red lipstick venture.