Prediction: This Chic Australian Skincare Line Is Going to Blow Up in the U.S.



If we could have majored in international beauty in college, we would have. It's fascinating to learn the skincare products, brands, and secrets that people around the world swear by for better skin. We've learned some pretty amazing things from our international friends, too, like how Moroccan women use clays and oils in their beauty routines and how some Swedish women make DIY face masks and use ice to treat their skin each morning. That's not even mentioning the deep wealth of knowledge we've gleaned from Korean girls (here at Byrdie HQ, K-beauty is one of our greatest and truest loves).

The newest international beauty brand that we've been buzzing about is an Australian skincare and cosmetics line called Red Earth. The company produces effective, nontoxic products that are inspired by its home continent's low-maintenance and effortless beauty aesthetic. If you're not familiar with the brand, you soon will be since Red Earth will be making its stateside debut later this fall. (We can't wait.) Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite skincare products from the brand.

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