The One Thing You Should Do the Day Before a Big Event

Updated 04/29/19
Cibelle Levi

“Chaotic,” “glamorous,” and “exciting” are a just a few words that describe a typical award-show red carpet. And as much as we like to focus on the final looks, the hours of prep leading up to the big day are equally as captivating. For most A-listers, it takes more than just having their hair and makeup done. If you include the pre-event fitness routines, facials, and waxing treatments, the process can span multiple days—months even.

At least that’s the case for Marianna Hewitt of Life With Me. “I have a big event a few times a month, and it picks up during award season,” says the L.A.-based beauty blogger. Having had her fair share of experience walking the red carpet, Hewitt gave us an exclusive look at how she gets ready for Hollywood’s biggest night—beauty secrets included. From getting her eyebrows waxed a few days prior at European Wax Center® to taking practice pictures, here’s what happens in those magic hours leading up to Hewitt’s red carpet appearance.

Scroll down to see how her day and final look came together.

Cibelle Levi

First up, as a self-professed eyebrow enthusiast, Hewitt explains that no look is complete without bold brows. “Shaping the brows really complements your face,” she explains. “A few days before the most recent event I went to, I made a brow appointment at European Wax Center®; I love how organized everything is and that I can stock up on my Strut Boldly™ products,” which are exclusively available for purchase at European Wax Center locations. Bonus: If it’s your first time visiting a center, your first brow wax is free!


Cibelle Levi

After getting her brows done, Hewitt’s attention turned to picking out a dress. “I decide on my makeup and hair the day of the event,” she explains. “The whole look is so dependent on the dress. Once you have that, everything else falls into place.” Hewitt had two requests for makeup artist Janelle Faretra: 1) Keep everything simple, and 2) emphasize the brows. How’d she bring the look to life? By creating a bronzey lid using a light shimmery brown shadow with a simple cat eye for a hint of drama.

Faretra topped it all off with two coats of mascara before continuing on to the brows.

Cibelle Levi

Hewitt is a big fan of the Strut Boldly™ products and usually gravitates toward the Browfection™ Brow Powder Duo for creating fullness. For best results, apply it with the Brow Pals Dual-Ended Brow Brush using light strokes, and blend with the attached spoolie. Pro tip: To define and highlight the brows even more, swipe a bit of Oh My Brow!™ Brow Highlighter under the brow bone.

Cibelle Levi

The key to making sure brows stay in place? Using Ready. Set. Brow!™ Perfect Brow Groomer to brush hairs up and lock them into place.

Cibelle Levi

With makeup complete, it was time to move onto hair. This year, hairstylist Kathleen Riley created a sleek style by straightening Hewitt’s locks and using a matte pomade to keep the front in place. She topped it off with a strong-hold hair spray.

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Before any big event, Hewitt says she likes taking practice pictures: “You can see what angle you look your best so you’re ready to go as soon as you hit the red carpet.”

Want bold brows like Hewitt? Book a reservation at European Wax Center today!



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