Get Holiday-Ready With These 30 Red-and-Gold Nail Designs

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The holidays are filled with joy, merriment, and plenty of fun beauty looks. Perhaps the most appealing of all, though, is the opportunity to create festive nail designs. You can go all the way by painting intricate red-and-gold details on each finger, or take the minimalist approach and adorn an accent finger on each hand. Whatever you decide, we're sure you'll get a lot of compliments.

Below, we included options from a few of our favorite manicurists, who take nail art to the next level. They are some of the most creative artists in the business, and now, you can scroll through and get some much-needed inspiration from the celebrities and models of whose digits they have adorned. Below, find 30 of our favorite red-and-gold nail designs and get excited about the holiday season.

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Disco Ball: Holiday Edition

Use sparkly tinsel and festive disco balls as inspiration and create this glittery manicure, complete with holiday colors and ample cheer. It's simple in execution (you just need three colors and a bit of sparkle) but adds a punch to your nails.

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Ornamental Detailing

Try this deep red shade and use pearls and gold to make it look especially ornate. Made originally for the Met Gala by genius manicurist Mei Kawajiri, these nails are the perfect centerpiece for your holiday outfit.

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Extra Set of Red

If you'd rather show off a more editorial style, look no further than these cool, fun nail extensions. Attached with a gold hoop, this red double-nail design is a trendy and eye-catching take on classic holiday nails.

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Red and Gold Negative Space

We're obsessed with this negative-space manicure. Painted with red, gold, and black graphic designs, it's exactly what you need to feel fun and on-trend at a holiday gathering.

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Red Ombré with Gold Foil

Gold foil always feels especially fancy, so try applying it to an otherwise regular red manicure (or a pretty ombré option like this one).

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Red and Gold Plaid

Because a red tartan is cozy, seasonal, and especially stylish during the holidays, why not paint the design on your nails? All you'll need is a gold, gray, and red shade and a small brush to create the thin lines on each finger.

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A Twist on the French

Madeline Poole is known for her chic editorial work—nail art that looks just as simple and cool as it does artistic. Here, she shows off an update on a French manicure, with half clear, half deep red polish and just one tiny golden accessory.

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Statement Jewels

Add shimmery, shiny, reflective accessories to your red manicure to double-down on glamour. You can play with the shades and metallic finishes, and all you have to do is stop by an art store to gather the supplies.

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Maroon and Gold

This deep red isn't your standard Christmas nail look but instead echos a mature, refined take on a holiday color pallet. The gold geometric details are subtle and sweet for some additional glamour.

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Bejewled Nails

The jewels might seem a little over the top but if you recall the 2018 Met Gala theme: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” these nails fit right in and what better way to ring in the holidays than by paying homage to the saints?

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Red Negative Space with Gold Stripe

This shiny modern manicure uses negative space to its advantage. Cheery red tips add a twist on the typical French design, while golden vertical stripes play up the nostalgic holiday feels. It's like taking a trip to FAO Schwarz right before Christmas.

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Golden Leaves

This deep burgundy red reminds us of mulled wine, a cozy fireside hang, and golden tinsel. Gold laurels only reinforce the cheery, warm spirit.

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Sparkly Stripes

Sparkly diagonal red and gold stripes look like the ribbons atop a Christmas present. We're all for it.

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Half Moon with Gold Studs

A half-moon design in a dark red polish leaves room for the delicate golden studs to shine. Add as much nail jewelry as you'd like, but we're partial to the minimalist look shown here.

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Burgundy Fun

Bring on the Christmas cheer in a super elegant way with this dark red and gold painted design. There's a bit of negative space left in the center, so feel free to add any accessories should you feel the need.

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Red and Gold Statement Design

This cool, graphic pink, red, and gold confection offers up a great mix of trend and cheer at the same time. We'd be into this style any time of year but it works especially well for the holidays.

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Christmas Cranberries

Whether they're decorating a wreath, a table centerpiece, or adorning your nails, these seasonally appropriate berries always bring about a warmth that's decidedly holiday ready. Plus, the all-around classic French mani and gold foil flecks on the accent nails add a charming air to the delicate artwork.

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Flecks of Gold

Golden flecks give this half-moon red manicure an extra cheerful and sparkly tone. Get this look using the Encore Collection ($42) by JINsoon

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Gold Shimmer

This hyper-saturated, deep red gets added emphasis from a golden sheen over top.

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Gold and Red Stars

Yes, Snoopy and Woodstock also make an appearance on this themed design, but what else would you expect with a holiday-themed manicure. Honestly, the red and gold outlined stars are just as eye-catching as our favorite Peanuts pets.

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Pierced Nails

The sparkly gold accent of the "pierced" nail is both holiday-friendly and hyper modern, making it appealing both for the season, or just for fun.

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Merlot and Gold

What we wouldn't give for a nice glass of merlot on occasion, and the holidays certainly call for such an indulgence. If you're not one for a glass of wine, paint your nails in the shiny, deep color instead. Plus, add gold foil detailing on top for maximum elegance.

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Cherry and Bronze

If you want a classic color combo, go for a bright cherry and bronze look. This particular manicure just happens to resemble a brightly wrapped gift box.

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Adorned and Ruby Red

We mentioned the 2018 Met Gala earlier because the red and gold theme the event inspired continues to feed our over-the-top souls. The ruby-red polish looks divine paired with gold nail accessories. You don't have to go so bold with the nail jewelry—a few golden additions will work just fine.

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Sparkle Tips

Paint each nail a sparkling color like the manicure seen here. A coat of red and a coat of gold glitter give off great holiday vibes without taking itself too seriously.

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Seeing Stars

Deck out a crisp red manicure with a few press-on gold stars for a nostalgic and fun nail design.

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Gold Accent

A standard red mani looks extra festive when paired with a couple golden accent nails. Get the exact look using Essie's Nailed It ($9) and Good As Gold (both $9).

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Wire Nails

Holiday-inspired nails don't have to be a huge statement. Instead, stick to a super minimalist and intriguing look. One red line on top and a gold metal accent along the cuticle creates a super simple look we love.

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Thin Gold Line

The hand-painted details on this manicure are so sweet.

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Over-the-Top Holiday Mani

This over-the-top look combines the best elements of the holidays — like presents and festive patterns — and places them all on the tips of your fingers.

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