A Secret Beauty Brew for Glowing Skin


There are many natural ways to harness Mother Nature's beauty benefits, and we are studiously poised to learn about each one. But when Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice (the Los Angeles-based organic juice shop) agreed to spill her go-to beauty brew, we subsequently freaked out. This lady knows her stuff when it comes to pursuing a healthy diet, as evidenced by her piercing blue eyes and radiant skin. But Bacon's "glow" doesn’t come without hard work and dedication.   

“My beauty regimen starts with a diet based on organic plant material high in enzymes, minerals, and more than 60% raw good plant fat. And it's spiked with adaptogens, probiotics, proteins, and aminos that come from delicious foods that keep me glowing from the inside out," said Bacon.

Sounds tough if you don’t have daily access to the Moon Juice kitchen and a ton of time. Thankfully, there’s one recipe in her diet that seems rather easy to whip up. Her top-secret potion is below.

Rose and Pearl Beauty Dust Milk

Serves: 1

Prep time: 5 minutes

12 ounces almond milk (any nut or seed milk you prefer)
1 tablespoon Beauty Dust 
2 tablespoons Tocotrienols
1 teaspoon Lucuma
1 teaspoon rose water, one tsp
1/2 teaspoon pearl powder
A pinch of raw vanilla powder
Stevia or raw honey, to taste

Directions: Blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender for 20 seconds. Serve cold or as a warm latte by warming the milk.

With a mystical name like Pearl Powder, we wanted to know what is in the (not-so-cheap) powder before we go investing and recommending. Moon Juice's Pearl Powder ($35) is an adaptogen and cell builder. Amanda says it's "basically a white magic powder that releases essential trace minerals into the blood stream for longevity, joy, and a serious glow." Pearl powder combined with the other skin-friendly ingredients like rose and vanilla powder, the drink is beautifying without the brand's line of beauty dust too.                     

We can expect to see results in our hair, skin, and nails, according to Bacon. She feels so strongly she even refers to it as the “golden ticket to getting your glow.” But the beauty uses for her powder don't begin and end with the dust milk: You can wear it, too.

“I blend half a teaspoon of Pearl Powder into my almond milk or smoothie every morning and dust about 1/4 teaspoon directly onto my face with a blush brush at bed and leave in all night,” said Bacon. 

We’ll have to file this under miracle if it lives up to our expectations. Some of the above ingredients are admittedly rare but available at MoonJuiceShop.com, Amazon, and other health food stores. Let us know if you plan to try it and if you see results!