5 Reasons Why You're Breaking out and How to Fix It

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Your Pores Are Clogged

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Breakouts happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the main causes of a blemish is a clogged pore. There are a few misconceptions about how pores get clogged in the first place, but it's actually really simple. Oil, dirt, debris, sweat, and ingredients in products like mineral oil and petroleum jelly can quickly clog pores, along with dead skin cells that aren't exfoliated regularly. The easiest ways to prevent clogged pores are to keep your hands off your face, cleanse your face daily, use products that are non-comedogenic, and remove your makeup before working out. Eliminating these things can instantly help you break out less and it doesn't take much effort to make these quick and easy changes.

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You're Not Using Clean Brushes and Sponges

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Brushes, sponges, and any tool that you use on your face to apply makeup can harbor bacteria and remnants of product, which can in return cause the tissue in your skin to become inflamed and a breeding ground for trapped oil. It's important to make sure you wash your makeup brushes and sponges regularly, as well as replace older sponges after repeated use. Ensuring you've properly cleaned and sterilized your beauty tools will definitely help you in the process of achieving a clear complexion.

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You're Not Cleansing Properly

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Most people cleanse the makeup off their skin by using face wash only and then just rinsing it off. The best way to cleanse your skin is to actually remove it first with a cleansing wipe, and then apply the cleanser afterward. This is imperative, as removing everything first gives you a head start to really get in those pores and loosen up all the junk! Want a really deep clean? Using a Clarisonic is a great way to clean your skin, as it removes three times as much surface level stuff than your fingers alone. Applying a rejuvenating water essence after cleansing is a great way to add moisture to the skin right after cleansing before moisturizer.

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You're Not Getting Enough Beauty Sleep

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If you're not getting enough rest, it can cause actual stress on your body which in return means more cortisol is produced. When cortisol takes over, your skin can start to produce a lot more sebum than normal resulting in acne. Find ways to help ensure you get quality rest, whether it's drinking a calming tea before bed, not checking your phone after a certain hour, or shutting your laptop down for good. Want to treat your skin and hair while you sleep, and get some extra anti-aging benefits, too? ​Try a pillow made of tri-silk and memory foam to help minimize wrinkles, promote clear skin, and improve the absorption of your nighttime skincare serums and creams.

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You Need a Different Foundation

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Finding the right foundation can take some time, but when you do, you'll feel so much better about your skin and how it looks. Since there are so many formulas to choose from, learning how your skin reacts to different ones is the only way you can find your best match. With skin sensitivities being extremely common, added ingredients like SPF and anti-wrinkle treatments in foundations can sometimes cause more harm than good. If you're particularly sensitive, use separate SPF lotions and treatment creams, and don't apply too much makeup on the skin. Blending just enough foundation to even out your skin tone is all you need to do.

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