My Decision to Be Vegan Has Nothing to Do With Food—Here, I'll Explain

I am not a hippie.

I do not enjoy yoga, and I do not wear flowy clothing. I do not appreciate the smell of patchouli, journal, or use words like "journey," "aura," and "vibes." (At least not without irony.) I do not care if my food is organic. I barely even care if my food is healthy. In fact, my all-time favorite meal is pizza, beer, and chocolate chip cookies.

But, I am vegan. I am fiercely, passionately, unapologetically vegan. Eating a plant-based diet is probably the most important thing in my life. And it has nothing to do with living a "natural" lifestyle or eating "clean."

Sound like a contradiction? It's totally not. Let me explain…

To get a better understanding of why I'm vegan, I highly encourage you to watch this video of Mayim Biyalik, who follows a plant-based lifestyle for all the same reasons I do. She is rational, calm, and totally non-judgmental. I admire her so much.