4 Reasons to Break up With Your Hairstylist (And How to Do It)

Woman getting hair washed in a salon
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Your relationship with your hairstylist is an important one. They hold a major key to your confidence: making sure you love your hair. That's why it can feel like an awkward dance when it's time to move on. Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes, it's for the best. Here are the reasons you could be ready for a change—and how to have an amicable split with your hairdresser.

Your Last Haircut Was Horrible

Bad haircuts happen to the best of us, and they can be traumatizing. Before you dump your hairstylist right away, call them up and talk about how to salvage the cut. It might be a matter of styling your hair a certain way or tweaking the cut with added layers. Whatever the case, give your stylist a second chance. Most of them will ask you to come back, often at no charge.

If they respond negatively, they overcharge you, or you still hate your hair, maybe it is time to part ways. Just let them know that you aren't exactly feeling the cut, and you'd like to give another hairdresser a shot to see if that helps. Most stylists are not offended by honesty.

Your Hairstylist Is Always Behind Schedule

The classic case of a hairstylist consistently running behind schedule is frustrating, for sure. If they seem to rush through your services in order to catch up, it's even worse. Don't be bitter; tell them politely how you feel. If nothing else, they might realize they need to make a change in their scheduling.

If you'd like to keep your stylist, just communicate. Before scheduling an appointment, you might ask them which is the least busy day of their week, or let them know you have another engagement right after your hair appointment.

Are you pretty close with your stylist? If so, you might even feel comfortable enough to tell them straight up that you've noticed they're always rushed and falling behind. The problem won't get better unless you speak up.

Their Prices Have Gone Up Too Much

As hairstylists step up their game and become more in demand, they deserve a pay raise. It is, however, less than ideal for you if you're on a tight budget. So, how do you approach this common issue? Above all else, be honest with your stylist. Let them know that you're really excited for their success, but you can no longer afford them. 

If you want to stay at the same salon, ask about coupons, discounts, or specials. If they have a referral program, even better—you could get credit for each referral, and your stylist gets more clients. It's a win-win. Another workaround? Try going to an inexpensive hairdresser for trims and touch-ups, and stick with your go-to person for high-stakes services like drastic cuts or color.

Also, to stretch out the time between color appointments, ask your stylist to recommend something more low maintenance, like balayage.

They're Just Not Seeing Your Hair Vision Anymore

The relationship between a hairstylist and their client is a lot like dating: There's the honeymoon phase where every haircut and color is exactly what you dreamed of; sometimes the dynamic between the two of you gets stale; and of course, there are times when you just don't see eye to eye. This is all perfectly normal, but if things don't get better over time, don't be afraid to switch it up. Breaking up is hard, especially if you've been together a while.

Here's the thing: A good hairstylist just wants you to be happy with your hair. Just be real with them. More than likely, you'll be able to make a clean break.

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