PSA: This Common Nighttime Skincare Step Is Breaking You Out



You cleanse, you tone, you moisturize. You’ve got a great three-step skincare system down (perhaps even four- or five-step if you also incorporate a serum and an eye cream) and feel strongly about your well-established routine. But there’s one problem: You keep breaking out. Even if they’re not large blemishes, those teeny-tiny whiteheads and bumps scatter across your face the next morning even after you’ve made sure to get every trace of makeup and dirt off the night before. So what gives?

Women’s Health recently threw us a huge curveball when they shared that there’s one key step that acne-prone women should actually discontinue before bedtime: moisturizer. Cue the gasping, right?

According to NYC dermatologist and creator of Beauty RX, Dr. Neal Schultz, if you already have oily skin, putting on moisturizer at night is contributing to the problem: “You should only use products that serve a purpose,” he explains. In other words, you don’t need a heavy cream for moisture if your skin is already, well, moist. Instead, Schultz recommends turning to glycolic acid wipes to rid your skin of excess oil, followed by an antioxidant serum to “brighten and soothe” the skin. At night, antioxidants actually sink deeper and perform better to give you a complexion that looks like a Snapchat filter IRL.

So go ahead—give your night creams a rest and try these amazing glycolic pads and serums in their place.

Would you give your nighttime moisturizer a break? Sound off below!