I Zoomed With Saweetie About Her ICY Nail Game [Exclusive]

The rapper is the new face of SinfulColors.


Sinful Colors / Saweetie

When it comes to her nails, Saweetie makes sure they always look tip-top. The “Icy Grl” rapper is constantly posting up in show-stopping nail art, so it’s no surprise that she’s the newest face of Sinful Colors. The vibe-y nail brand is a perfect match for Saweetie and her fans, who can now create blinged-out manicures from home without breaking the bank. After all, you shouldn't need to have a slew of hit singles dominating the charts to have a dope manicure.

Sinful Colors recently rolled out a few new collections that will leave everyone's nails looking just as stunning as Saweetie's. There’s the Essenchills collection, a line of perfumed polish inspired by self-care favorites like Smoky Palo Santo and Chamomile Calm. For a brighter, juicier vibe, there’s the Tulle Temptation collection, full of bright but sheer polishes that have a silky matte finish. Perhaps the iciest of all is the new line of press-on nails called Boss Up Claws. With vampy names like "Drip Drippin" and "Big Tip Energy," they're perfect for helping you channel the high-key baller in you.

Following the announcement of her ambassadorship with Sinful Colors, I had the chance to hop on Zoom with Saweetie. During our chat, she filled me in on what inspires her ever-unique nail designs, her relationship with social media, and mukbangs.

Harry and Saweetie Zoom

Zooming with Saweetie, showing off our SinfulColors

SinfulColors is known for its fun, playful collections. How would you describe the nails you’ll be designing with them?

I’m going to be creating something for every mood and season, so stay tuned.

What’s your favorite out of the SinfulColors Essenchills line?

It’s definitely the coffee scent, Coffee Drip. What’s interesting is when you’re putting it on, it smells like nail polish, but when it dries, it really does smell like coffee.

What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to designing nails?

My mood, my hair, and my outfits. I always match my nails to my outfits for the week. 

Speaking of inspiration, do you have any style icons?

The women in my life! They always had their hair laid, nails did; in full looks. I really did learn from the best.

Your hit ICY GIRL took the Internet by storm. It went totally viral. Even your followers are called the ICY Gang. What’s your favorite thing about social media?

I love how far it reaches. I remember seeing a girl doing my Icy Challenge in Egypt. Like, she was posted up next to the pyramids. It makes me feel so special to know that the Icy Gang is worldwide. It’s so cool to know that there are so many people out there listening to my music. 

Saweetie wearing the Eucalyptahhh polish

Sinful Colors

If you could change one thing about it, what would it be?

The trolls! Because they don’t even hate you, they’re just hopping on with a hate comment because it’s cool to do.

If you could only follow one account on Instagram, what would it be?

It would be my icy fetish account. I have an account dedicated to all my outfits, nails, beauty, glam. It’s kind of like a mood page. It’s not a finsta. It's not a spam account, as the girls call it. It’s just another one of my pages.

Are there any random rabbit holes you find yourself in on the explore pages (either on Instagram or TikTok?) I always end up looking at weird junk food Instagram pages that post the latest Pop-Tart flavors.

I love mukbangs—but only seafood!

Have you learned any new beauty hacks during quarantine?

Boiling water serves as a natural steam mask. It’s so basic, but I never realized that. Boil some water, and to open your pores, you stand over the boiling water. It’s super quick. You don’t have to buy anything. You just have to pour water into the pot.

We’ve been stuck in quarantine for a while now. Do you keep up with your nails even if you’re not going out?

I get dressed for myself. In quarantine, I've always got my makeup, my hair, and my nails done. I just like being put together.

If you could have any nail color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I think it would be this coffee color! It goes really well with my skin tone, and I think it would match every outfit. I’m into my nails and my outfits complementing each other.

What’s your favorite kind of bling to put on your nails?

The AB Swarovski crystals. They could blind you. They’re so sparkly and iridescent.

What is the longest time you’ve spent getting a manicure?

Seven hours. My nails take like three to four hours to do, but I decided to get a very intricate crystal nail design on this very special day, and I sat there for 7 hours. Like, someone could’ve literally done a road trip back and forth somewhere. But yeah, my butt hurt really bad. I was sweating. It was really uncomfortable. I remember there was a whole bunch of little crystals. This is why I use bigger crystals now, so it doesn’t take as long. I had anxiety that day after that. Like, PTSD. I told myself I’m never doing that again. 

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