Exclusive: Rami Malek's Groomer Shares How He Got Oscars-Ready

Rami Malek Oscars beauty
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There's no denying Rami Malek is oozing with talent, but for those who weren't familiar with the actor pre-Bohemian Rhapsody (you may remember him from 24, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, and most notably, Mr. Robot, for which he won an Emmy), his propulsion into the spotlight for his scary-accurate portrayal of Freddie Mercury made him a household name. Malek swept the awards circuit this season, earning several wins for Best Actor and rightful praise and attention. His off-screen romance with on-screen partner Lucy Boynton in the film has also won the hearts of fans (Malek said Boynton "captured" his own during his Oscars acceptance speech last night). Needless to say, all eyes are on him, which means he's taking care to make sure he's camera-ready before he sets foot on the red carpet.

"As a groomer over the last 10 plus years, it has been taboo to talk about men wearing any type of makeup, however, in 2019 we are much more open about it as a result of social media," says Malek's longtime personal groomer, Marissa Machado, who's client roster also includes Joe and Nick Jonas and Michael Keaton. The two teamed up after Machado prepped Malek for a red-carpet appearance for Mr. Robot, and she's been his go-to ever since. Curious how Machado, who's well-versed in hair, makeup, and skincare, got Malek Oscars-ready, we asked her for all of her behind-the-scenes secrets. 

To prep his skin, Machado placed Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels in Malek's hotel fridge the night before "so they would be cool, fresh, and ready to go" the day of. Placing something cold on the under eyes helps to constrict the blood vessels, lessening the look of dark circles and puffiness. 

For the rest of the skin, Machado mixed Kosas Tinted Face Oil in shades 05 and 06 "to create a natural, sun-kissed warmth all over the face" using a beautyblender for a light, weightless finish. She then applied EX1 Cosmetics Delete Fluide Concealer on any areas that needed extra coverage and EX1 Invisiwear Compact Powder to set the oil and concealer and minimize shine. For his lips, Machado used new Kosasport LipFuel in Baseline, her go-to hydrator for the actor this award season.

Rami Malek Oscars
Courtesy of Marissa Machado

For his hair, Machado kept it simple yet sturdy, a methodology that proved effective after having stayed virtually perfectly in tact after Malek took a quick tumble off stage last night. "I use a natural wax product [Ed. note: V76 V Rated Natural Wax] through Rami’s hair before drying into place," she tells us. "Once I have his desired shape, I apply a high-shine gel throughout. I then comb from the part to the hair line making sure his scalp isn’t peeking through."

When asked how prepping male skin differs from females aside from the obvious navigation around facial hair, Machado says she needs to pay close attention to bone structure. Men often have more angular lines than women, which means tricking the light with makeup (using a darker shade on areas you want to soften and light-reflecting balms or lighter pigments on areas you wish to accentuate).

All in all, Machado says Malek's entire glam process usually only takes 20 to 30 minutes, with the Oscars being no exception. He sounds like quite the dream client—kind, efficient, and according to Machado, very open and collaborative.

Up next, peep our full Oscars beauty breakdown.

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