8 Foolproof Hairstyles to Withstand Rainy Weather

Ah, rainy weather, the bane of our existence. For those of us at Byrdie HQ in L.A., the lack of rain is the issue, while over here in NY, another rainy day is all too common. Thus, each time the storm clouds roll in, we adjust our beauty routines accordingly—specifically for our hair. A freshly curled mane or a straightened style doesn’t stand a chance against a washout, so we toss it up in a ponytail, bun, or whatever hairstyle we can muster with a hair tie or clip. But why should boring hair be synonymous with bad weather? Instead, we should take a stand against a gloomy day and make the most out of it with a cute ’do. Keep scrolling to take a look at our favorite (easy) hairstyles that will still look great even when it’s pouring out.

What’s your go-to rainy-day hairstyle? Tell us below!