Prism Eyes Are the Latest TikTok Trend Coming for Your Under-Eye Concealer

Rainbow bright.

Rainbow undereye makeup trend

@naezrahlooks / Instagram

There are days for understated makeup looks—warm-toned eyeshadows, strategic concealer, a delicate lip. And then there are the days for… more. Maybe it’s a night out you’ve been psyched for since Monday, or maybe you’re just looking for a makeup mood boost. As it happens, TikTok’s latest ultra-colorful trend is perfect for both—and might just result in some of the coolest selfies your grid has ever seen. Rainbow under eyes (we're dubbing the look "Prism Eyes"), which entail a kaleidoscope of colorful eyeshadow applied below the eyes, are taking the app by storm. A whimsical eyeshadow look and creative take on concealer all in one, prism eyes illuminate and inspire with a swirling blend of color that brings the fun back to makeup just in time for summer.

Interchangeably referred to as "rainbow-bright under eyes," the captivating style was created by makeup artist Naezrah, who's racked up millions of likes on intricate, mesmerizing designs made from eyeshadows, liners, lipsticks, and more. Though the trend is less than two weeks old, its grip on #BeautyTok can't be understated. So far, the trend has a staggering two million videos on TikTok alone, making Prism Eyes, indisputably, a major moment. While the rainbow-hued look seems complicated, there's a reason why so many social media makeup fans have waded into the trend. Below, the best tips and tricks you need to know for nailing fun, freewheeling Prism Eyes like a pro.

Assemble Your Toolkit

Because Prism Eyes requires quite a few different colors, it's crucial to take stock of what you have and what you need, lest you end up with a half-formed rainbow. You don't necessarily need pastel eyeshadows in every shade, but when in doubt, take it back to ROYGBIV. You'll also require products that form an all-important canvas for the rainbow. Think: an illuminating undereye concealer, a nearly-white priming base, and a cream blush. This will not only prep your skin for serious color payoff, but will make sure every eyeshadow shade goes on evenly. Many artists on TikTok use liquid shadows overlayed with powder eyeshadow for ease of blending and setting, but either on their own work just fine, too (though they might not last as long as a double layer).

Because you're dealing with at least five eyeshadow colors, it's helpful to make sure you either have enough clean bushes to accommodate them all or a shadow-switcher that can quickly and effectively remove lingering pigment from your brush. Ulta's in-house version, the Beauty Smarts New Hue Shadow Switching Pan ($9), is both accessibly-priced and top-rated by customers.

Blending Is Everything

Much of the appeal of Prism Eyes hinges on how lifelike it looks—nearly every trending video on TikTok features a flawless stripe of rainbow that looks like... well, an actual prism. Like all of the best eyeshadow looks, this dreamy quality comes down to artful blending. On TikTok, it looks like many of the most professional-looking Prism Eyes are made with two layers of color: liquid or cream eyeshadows laid down and blended first, with a topping layer of correspondingly-colored powder eyeshadow over top to help the shades pop as well as set all those creams.

While you certainly don't need both, the creams do make it easier to blend—the same way cream concealers, bronzers, and blushes are more blendable than their powder-based counterparts.

Don't Forget The Details

When Naezrah published the first rainbow undereye look, the trendsetter finished it up with sleek white dots (for a fragmented light effect) and a matching rainbow waterline. While not a crucial piece of the style overall, these extra details can elevate the makeup for an even more avant-garde feel. Other users' takes on the trend featured special twists of their own, too. Colored mascara, red-winged liner, eye gems, false lashes, and more dominate our FYP.

But as Naezrah also points out in that original video, it's just as important to not let any other makeup components fall by the wayside. Well-blended foundation, neat brows (if that's your thing, anyway), and a pretty lip shade elevate the entire look, Prism Eyes included.

The next time you miss out on a full eight hours, skip the heavy-handed concealer and just go for Prism Eyes instead—who says camouflage can't be colorful?

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