This Is Rachel Zoe's Secret to Diminishing Under-Eye Circles


Getty/Jeffrey Mayer

Rachel Zoe is certainly known as a woman on the go. She operates a business, puts on a show at New York Fashion Week, and chases around after two toddlers, to boot. So who better than her, I thought, to ask about disguising under-eye circles?

It’s a common problem; we all have them. (Minus the few who are genetically #blessed and/or get 10 hours of sleep per night. Do people like this even exist?) Needless to say, that’s not me. I stay up late most nights, stare at a computer screen all day, and wake up feeling less than refreshed—and it shows. I sat down with Zoe at her hair and makeup test (her show’s not until Sunday, but it’s going to look good) and asked her all of her moisturizing, tightening, and concealing secrets. Luckily, she didn’t hold back. Keep reading to see every product and tip she swears by.

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