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Rachel Schwartzmann is a writer, interviewer, and consultant based in New York City. Rachel has interviewed hundreds of artists and entrepreneurs over the past decade. She currently writes about books, creativity, design, and life/style. Rachel is also the creator and host of Slow Stories—a podcast and platform that explores slowing down in our digital world.

Rachel has been featured on esteemed platforms, including Forbes.com and Refinery29. She's also partnered with WWDMAGIC in conjunction with Teen Vogue as a digital media influencer speaking to brands about the importance of online presence and content marketing. Rachel was chosen as one of Tumblr's participating creators in their seasonal fashion week program and partnered with SONY, MILK Studios, and CFDA. She has also partnered on social media campaigns with Crate and Barrel, Brooklinen, The Sill, Kotn, and more. Learn more about her work and story at rachelschwartzmann.com/.

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