Jenny Cho's Collaboration With R+Co Brought My Hair Back To Life

This dry conditioner and styling balm are instant faves.

R+Co x Jenny Cho


Truth be told, I've accepted that my hair has a mind of its own. Some days it’s unruly and frizzy, other days it’s straight and manageable. Regardless of which temperament it decides to take on, one thing is for certain: There is no discernable rhyme or reason (and trust me, I've tried). That being said, I’d be lying if I said I've found a ton of products that have managed to help. From oils to creams to sprays, I’ve literally tried it all—and more—albeit with no results. Until I got my hands on R + Co’s collaboration with Jenny Cho, that is. 

The two powerhouses collaborated to create a capsule collection of two products—a dry conditioner and styling balm—that Cho felt were missing in the space for both stylists and consumers. Ahead, get all the details on what’s sure to be new haircare staples for all, and read our honest thoughts about the products. 

The Inspiration

With her extensive background in the beauty industry, Cho set out to create the products that she wished she had in her kit. “Our collaborative capsule collection was created to bring products that are very easy to understand and use, and most importantly, that deliver performance,” explains Jenny Cho, Celebrity Hair Stylist, and R + Co Collective Member. The two products in the capsule collection reflect her philosophy: easy-to-use, sustainable formulas that produce highly effective results.

However, the partnership didn’t happen overnight. The brand team and stylist had been mutual fans for a while, so it felt like it was a long time coming when they eventually partnered up. With her undone, subtle-yet-bold approach to hair, Cho wanted to create products that would be simple for consumers to use (and keep in their vanities) but also become a must-have for stylists. “I can go on and on about how easy it is to use these products,” she shares.

But, the main selling point for Cho was a giving back initiative attached to the project. “A huge element that I was drawn to was the giving back initiative with One Tree Planted,” says Cho.
For every purchase of Velvet Curtain, we are donating a portion of the proceeds to help reforestation efforts.” 

The Products

R+Co Velvet Curtain
R+Co Velvet Curtain $34.00

The Styling Balm

According to Cho, Velvet Curtain ($34) is a soft, lightweight balm that works on almost all different lengths, cuts, and styles for a second-day hair look. “It can be used on short hair to break up and separate the ends, after a blowout to bring down the puffiness, or to add finish to a sleek bob.” You can use it on both dry or damp hair, too. “It’s also amazing on damp hair to add slight body and texture without the crunch that other gels may bring.”

Its star ingredients—nordic cotton flower, amaranth flower seed extract, and sunflower seed oil—all pack a punch as well. “Nordic cotton flower gives the hair body while restoring and protecting the stands.” Amaranth flower seed extract, rich in fatty acids, helps tame frizz and give the lightest hold, while sunflower seed oil adds softness and shine. 

To apply, Cho recommends splitting the hair into four major sections to get the product evenly distributed. You’ll then want to twist each section, scrunch the hair, and pin it into place. “Apply your makeup, get dressed, and once you're out the door, let the summer heat and breeze dry your hair,” she adds.

R+Co Rainless
R+Co Rainless $32.00

The Dry Conditioner

Cho dubs Rainless ($32) as a refresher for your hair since it cleanses and conditions simultaneously. “It has a lot of soothing, nourishing, and cleansing ingredients that help bring back bounce, redefine curls and refresh unwanted hair smell.”

The dry conditioner uses banana extract, lemon balm, black currant seeds, ashwagandha, and ginkgo Biloba to produce its results. “Banana extract gives very light astringent properties for the scalp, whereas lemon balm calms and soothes,” says Cho. On the other hand, black currant seed oil adds shine and smoothes hair, and ashwagandha and ginkgo Biloba stimulate the scalp and provide circulation to promote healthy strands.

Cho recommends using the product on second or third-day hair to revive the scalp and redefine waves or curls. “I like to mist it right at the root and use fingers to massage.” Following that, she’ll use a hairdryer and her fingers to redirect hair and give it life at the roots. “To redefine curls, take each curl, give it a light mist, twist and scrunch to reform.”

My Review

When I heard about the two new launches from the capsule collection, I assumed they’d end up in the same category as the others like every other hair product—but I was wrong. After using them for more than two weeks straight, I can say with certainty that I’m absolutely in love with both products. 

On a recent trip, I used both products every single day on second-day hair and was majorly impressed. With just a pea-sized amount of product, Velvet Curtain ($34) left my hair exceptionally soft, smooth, and easy to work with. I barely needed any product and found it incredibly useful in making my hair super shiny, manageable to work with, and completely rid of any frizz (which was a major win for me).

On the other hand, although I didn’t use Rainless ($32) every day, I found it ten times more effective than any dry shampoo. Since it cleanses and conditions simultaneously, my hair didn’t feel dry and sticky like it does from most dry shampoos. I extended my heat styling by one whole extra day (even with the intense heat I was in) because it kept my hair hydrated, refreshed, and clean from any grime, sweat, and smell. All in all, I was beyond impressed with the results from both products.

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