Makeup Artist Quinn Murphy Says This Bronze Eye Product "Looks Good on Everyone"

See the rest of his picks for Just Five Things below.

There's nothing that thrills us more than getting a peek into the makeup bags, hair kits, and medicine cabinets of our favorite beauty experts—it’s the whole reason we started our series, Just Five Things. After all, if a celebrity makeup artist tells us the one concealer they swear by that actually hides dark circles and doesn’t crease, chances are high that we’ll be buying that product ASAP. (And for anyone joining us for the first time, apologies to your wallet in advance.) This week, we caught up with NYC-based makeup artist Quinn Murphy, who paints the faces of celebs like Julianne Moore, Kate Hudson, and Lily Aldridge on the regular. Murphy is a pro at creating velvety skin that looks lit-from-within, paired with artful swipes of color on the lids or lips (we’re especially not over this lilac look he created on Game of Thrones start Nathalie Emmannuel). Thus, we weren’t surprised when he shared a pigment palette that he’s had since he first became a makeup artist as part of his Just Five Things. “I don’t need to have seven cases of makeup on a job because if you understand basic color theory, you can just mix all of these colors,” he says. “You can make anything with this palette.” Curious? Watch Quinn Murphy’s Just Five Things above and keep scrolling to shop the products (including the "eye polish" product he says looks good on everyone).

paula's choice azelaic acid booster
Paula's Choice 10% Azelaic Acid Booster $36

Murphy says this product has a "youth-anizing" effect—no surprise, since it’s made with salicylic acid, which clears breakouts, and azelaic acid, which brightens and fades dark spots. 

ds durga
D.S. & Durga Amber Kiso $260

“It’s a really classic, amber-rich, patchouli, warm, luxury scent,” Murphy says of this fragrance from cult indie fragrance line D.S. & Durga. We'll take it.

Smartmouth The Original Activated Mouthwash $10

The secret to this mouthwash's freshness-boosting abilities? Zinc, which Murphy says neutralizes mouth odors. "I'm this close in people's face all the time," he says. "I do this packet and it's like a silkwood shower in your mouth."

makeup forever flash color palette
Make Up For Ever Flash Color Palette $99

Murphy said he's had this palette since he first started as a makeup artist, and doesn't need to lug around a "huge makeup kit" because of how easily blendable and mixable the shades are.

rms eye polish
RMS Eye Polish in Seduce $28

“I just think that anyone can wear it,” Murphy says of this bronze-y shade. “It’s the perfect kind of shade that gives definition and depth. I use this as a base for a lot of different eye makeup.” 

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