No Time, No Problem: 5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We check for a few things before rushing out the door each morning: our keys, our mugs (as in, our faces and the kitchen items that hold our coffee), and our lunches (sometimes). Our breakfast, sadly, doesn’t always make the list. (In fact, we’re looking into screen-printing “caffeine for breakfast” onto a T-shirt we will likely wear with shame on weekends, as that seems to have become our life morning motto.) But here’s the deal: Skipping breakfast is not doing your body any favors. Coffee might jolt you awake first thing in the morning, but if there’s nothing in your stomach to sustain you until lunch, you’ll soon experience the crash that comes after… and scarf down way more of that UberEats order than you probably need.

We get it, though—time is nobody’s friend. Thus, we took it upon ourselves to find five simple, healthy breakfasts to reach for on I threw my phone across the room, so I overslept mornings. These breakfasts will give you energy, will fill you up, and are so easy to make (trust us—we’re right there in lazy-girl world with you). Word to the wise: There are lots of avocados involved.

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