Try These Tomorrow: 17 Hairstyle Updates You Can Do in 60 Seconds

Updated 04/17/18

Ah, the quick hairstyle. It seems like somewhat of an oxymoron. But thanks to the plethora of styles that are more acceptable for an increasingly more relaxed workplace, you can do your look in less than 60 seconds. And it means that you can press snooze more than ever (we won't tell anyone). So what can you expect to be able to do in under a minute?

Well, do you remember watching 60 Minute Makeover? You know, the daytime TV show with Peter Andre where a team of decorators attempt to overhaul a number of rooms in an hour? Well, this is the hair version, except rather than overhaul a house, we're showing how you can overhaul your hair in 60 seconds, with 17 quick hairstyles that we love. It may seem impossible, but just like the show always proved, it's not. And for this, you don't need to be handy with an electric drill, just an elastic band or kirby grip.

Keep scrolling for the quick hairstyles that will allow you to hit snooze and get out of the house 60 times faster than that crew could redecorate it. Bookmark these for Monday morning (or any morning really).

Quick hairstyles: the bandana
Christian Vierig /Getty Images/Contributor

Yet another use for a bandana—fashion it into a hair accessory. Try the Topshop Spotty Bandana (£1).

Quick hairstyles: blue elastics

Caroline Issa has used blue hair elastics to add a focal point to a simple braid.

Quick hairstyles: kirby grips

Use kirby grips to make a statement rather than hiding them. This is a quick and easy way to pull the hair off your face and add interest.

Quick hairstyles: high ponytail
Kirstin Sinclair /Getty Images/Contributor

Susie Bubble shows how a high ponytail is a quick and easy way to let your accessories or a bold print do all the talking. 

Quick hairstyles: pop bands
Suzanne Middlemass/REX/Shutterstock

You know those Popbands? Elevate them from gym bag staple by matching the colour of the band to your outfit. 

Quick hairstyles: wide headband
Timur Emek /Getty Images/Contributor

Left your hair to air-dry? Add instant wow with a wide headband. 

Quick hairstyles: pigtails
Christian Vierig /Getty Images/Contributor

Pigtails aren't just quick and easy; braid wet hair, and once it's dry, unravel the plaits for perfect loose waves. Two hairstyles for the price of one—we like. 

Quick hairstyles: a messy topknot
Collage Vintage

A messy topknot is the cool-girl staple. Use kirby grips to pin flyaways in place. 

Quick hairstyles: headscarf
Christian Vierig /Getty Images/Contributor

Take a headscarf and wrap it around to make the accessory, not your hair, the focus.

Quick hairstyles: bold hairband
Melodie Jeng /Getty Images/Contributor

Don't stress about concealing your hair elastic, choose a metallic or colourful one and make it a detail. We love Boots Metallic Mixed Ponybands (£3 for 12).

Quick hairstyles: hair barrette
Melodie Jeng /Getty Images/Contributor

Add a Goody Barrette (£5) to sleek, straight hair for a chic tweak. 

Quick hairstyles: bun and ponytail in one
Christian Vierig /Getty Images/Contributor

Why choose between a bun and a ponytail when you can wear both? Twist your hair into a bun, leave the ends loose and pin to secure.

Quick hairstyles: half up do
Melodie Jeng /Getty Images/Contributor

Take your half updo to the next level by experimenting with different hair clips.

Quick hairstyles: rope braid
Melodie Jeng /Getty Images/Contributor

A rope braid is a quick and easy way to step up a ponytail. Split your ponytail in two sections and twist each section before twisting the two together and securing with a Blax clear snag-free ponytail holder (£7).

Quick hairstyles: loose knot
Melodie Jeng /Getty Images/Contributor

Sleek hair pulled back into a loose, dishevelled knot looks just as great with a denim shirt as it does with an evening dress. Definitely one for the hair repertoire.

Quick hairstyles: ponytail
Melodie Jeng /Getty Images/Contributor

Make a ponytail look seriously modern by wrapping with a thick strand of hair elastic. Play with the colour of the elastics to match your outfit. 

Quick hairstyles: loose side braid
Melodie Jeng /Getty Images/Contributor

Über-blogger Doina shows that a loose side-braid can look seriously stylish.

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