3-Minute Hairstyles for When You're Running Late

A woman with a black barette in her hair

Unless you’re a morning person bestowed with the gift of waking up gracefully and unperturbed, chances are high your a.m. routine may be more of the rushing variety. What’s the harm in just a few more glorious moments of slumber, after all? Well, for one, the state of your hair, which is usually a dead giveaway of a hurried, harried morning. Though model-off-duty strands are having a moment right now, there’s a fine line between artfully tousled and tousled by your pillow; luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice finesse the next time you press snooze (for the third time). Ahead, you’ll find seven quick and easy hairstyles that will take three minutes or less to execute—leaving more time for your sweet, sweet dreams.

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Triple Twisted Pony

Zoe Saldana in an orange dress witha twisted ponytail

Getty Images/Jason LaVeris/Contributor

Give your go-to high pony a chic update with this twisted variation. Pull your hair back into a ponytail, separating a small piece to wrap around the hair tie. Split the tail into two parts, and twist each one. Secure the sections, then twist them around themselves and secure them again. Wear it sleek, or fluff the twists for a slightly more undone look.

The Half-Up Knot

The Half-Up Knot
Treasures and Travels

It doesn’t get easier than this knotted half-updo. Take one two-inch section of hair on either side of your head and gather them together in the back. Twist the sections together as one, twist it into a knot, and then tuck the ends under and pin them in place.

Undone Braid

Undone Braid
Refinery 29

A genius way to wear your curly hair down and out of your face, this hairstyle involves melding two french braids into one.

Braided Half-Crown

Naomi Campbell Red Carpet Arrivals - Fashion For Relief Cannes 2018
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Braid a two-inch section of hair on either side of your face, and secure each end with a mini hair elastic (a spritz of Oribe Texturizing Spray, $49, won’t hurt either). Then, cross each braid over the other and tuck the ends out of sight. Pin everything in place, and flaunt your princess-worthy hair.

Double Mini Buns

Double Mini Buns
Hair Romance

This easy hairstyle is perfect for medium-length curly hair. Split your hair into two sections, and curl each one into a mini bun. Pin them in place, and breeze out the door.

The Pineapple

Pulling off the pineapple hair style like a pro
PeopleImages / Getty Images

We’ve reported on the pineapple hairstyle before as a way to keep natural curls springy while you sleep, but it’s also a chic (and quick) way to wear your hair up during the daytime.

Cool-Girl Chignon

Cool-Girl Chignon
Justin Coit

Created by our own resident hair expert, Jen Atkin, this low bun is the cool girl’s version of a classic chignon.

Barette Bun

Barette Bun

The easiest way to step up your hair game when you’re short on time? Add a hair accessory. We’re partial to this matte black barrette or a diamond-studded phrase like the Kitsch X Justine Marjan Rhinestone Glam Bobby Pin ($20).

The Double-Knotted Pony

The Double-Knotted Pony
Les Èclaireuses

Before you start, know this: This hairstyle works best on those with fine, thin strands. Split your hair into two sections and tie them in a knot—then, knot them again. Pin it all in place with a hairpin, and spray some hairspray to keep it from moving. 

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