11 Hair Looks You Can Do in Less Than 30 Seconds

Woman with messy ponytail

Hannah Gullixson/Unsplash

It's certainly helpful to know how to put yourself together quickly when you're crunched for time—for example, when you overslept and your morning meeting starts in 25 minutes. But on the other hand, do you really have to devote an hour to your hair, even on those mornings when you have time to spare?

Instead, consider rotating any of these gorgeous hairstyles—all of which take about half a minute to put together—into your daily routine, and hit the snooze button without any of the usual guilt. Keep scrolling to unlock a much more manageable morning routine.


The half-bun remains beloved not just because it's cool or quick—it also works for all kinds of hair textures and lengths. Case in point: these lovely curls. Throw it back and let those loose waves fall where they may. 

Half-Up Pony

Even short-haired gals can get in on this action—in fact, a half-up 'do can look extra cool on your cropped strands. Our only tip is to use an elastic with extra grip, as shorter locks are more likely to slip free. 

Luxe Headband

Gabrielle Union wears a pearl headband and braided hairstyle

Getty Images

Sometimes, taking your look from everyday to luxurious can be as simple as slipping on an adorned hair accessory. Channel this 'do with ASOS' delicate pearl headband ($19).

Equilateral Bobby Pins

We (and uh, the rest of Pinterest) love this triangular look, but it's just one of countless ways to get inventive with bobby pins. 

Looped Ponytail

After seeing countless iterations of this effortless style on the runways every fashion month, we actually went ahead and timed it ourselves (because professional stylists tend to make everything look easy). The verdict? About eight seconds to catwalk cool. 

Wrapped Pony

Lizzo wears high ponytail hairstyle with wrapped base

Getty Images

This ponytail style never fails to impress because people don't realize it's deceptively easy. Once you've tied your pony back into an elastic, just wrap a small section of hair around it and secure it with a bobby pin. 

Adorned Ponytail

Side of woman's rope-wrapped low ponytail hairstyle


Or, skip your own hair and add a little edge with thin rope instead.

Pineapple Ponytail

Rihanna wears a curly pineapple ponytail hairstyle

Getty Images

Not only is this a great way to keep your curls intact, but it also makes for a funky 'do. If Rihanna loves it, then we do, too.

Decadent Detail

Woman with pearl barrettes on side of wavy hairstyle


No matter your length, try pinning just one side back with a pretty barrette. 

Wet Look

Zendaya wears slicked-back wet look curls

Getty Images

For those mornings when a shower is non-negotiable but you don't have time to blow-dry, work a little bit of Oribe's Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse ($39) through your roots and comb your hair back with your fingers to make your wet look intentional. 

Space Buns

Woman with double space bun hairstyle


If your hairstyle is a question, "space buns" is always an appropriate answer. Dress them up a little with a silk scrunchie, and they're perfect for brunch or a casual date.

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