10 Quick-Dry Nail Polishes for a Smudge-Free Manicure

Update: I've completely given up on in-salon manicures. (At least until a friend suggests a polish date in one week's time and I weakly acquiesce.) Here's my issue: As much as I love the relaxing ritual of choosing nail colors, sipping complimentary peppermint tea, and relaxing whilst a skilled manicurist does her thing on my decrepit nail beds, professional manicures can't last more than two seconds under my apparently delinquent watch.

Be it from long-lost keys in the deep dark depths of my purse, a pre-made salad with packaging that simply won't open, or a mysterious cause that's honestly lost on me, I've wasted more precious dollars on quickly ruined paint jobs than I have on overpriced almond milk lattes in L.A. And that's saying something, considering my 9 a.m. coffee run this morning set me back a whopping $8. Clearly I have my priorities straight. But back to nail polish…

Not to toot my own horn, but I've always been pretty good at painting my own nails, so in the spirit of more saving, less smudging, I decided to get back to my DIY roots utilizing the best quick-dry polishes available on the market. And honestly, the results haven't been disappointing. Not only do these polishes boast a variety of flattering shades and other perks, but they also dry hella fast, getting me polished, sealed, and delivered out the door in about 10 minutes flat.

Keep scrolling for 10 of the best quick-dry nail polishes that just might replace your monthly mani habit. Or at the very least, the pokier polish formulas that just can't get the job done in a timely fashion.