7 Monday Morning Hairstyles That You Can Do in Under 5 Minutes

Updated 09/23/16

Mondays are for letting yourself sleep that extra 15 minutes, not for blow-drying, curling, or straightening. So we’re dubbing Mondays a strict no-shampoo zone. As such, we’ve planned ahead, and given ourselves plenty of options for hairstyles we can throw together in five minutes or less.

If this sounds like something you can get onboard with, keep reading to see seven quick and easy styles!


Upside-Down Half Bun

An upgraded version of the basic half-up ponytail, the upside-down half bun is just as easy, but twice as chic. Just loop the tail of your pony into a bun, and no one will suspect you did your hair while waiting for the elevator.

Camilla Phil

The Messiest of Messy Low Buns

With this style, dirty hair is encouraged. Haven’t brushed your hair since Saturday (no judgment)? Muss it up even more and give yourself the messiest of messy low buns.


Bobby Pin Art

Pull some hair back, secure it with bobby pins in the shape of a triangle, done. People will think you labored over the design, but it will only take you a minute.

Barefoot Blonde

Braid in Braid

If you’re a pro braider, this one will take you no time at all. Just create a small braid at the top, and then gather into a chunky braid at the nape of your neck.

Camilla Phil

Barely There Braid

If you’re not such a pro braider, this hairstyle is an excuse to throw in the towel. Make a couple loops, tie it off, and go.


Connect the Braids

When you wake up and your hairline isn’t looking as polished as the night before, braid it. Braid a piece from each side of your head, stop where they meet in the back, and tie them together.


Voluminous Low Pony

The low pony is the ultimate no-fuss hairstyle. To give yours a little something extra, pull the pony tight, and then lift a few pieces right above the hair tie. This adds a bit lift, ensuring you won’t look like just rolled out of bed.

Which of these hairstyles will you try?

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