The Tone It Up Girls Show Us the Most Effective Cardio-Ab Routine

Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, it's entirely possible to move your body and boost your heart rate. Take it from Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, otherwise known as the Tone It Up girls. Scott and Dawn have mastered the art of integrating fitness and lifestyle, which is why we turned to them when we were in need of an effective ab-sculpting and cardio-blasting fitness routine for those painfully busy days when hitting the gym just isn't in the cards. (You know those days when you have a grand total of 15 minutes to spare in between work, meetings, errands, and various other responsibilities? Yeah, we're talking about that.)

"This cardio and toning combo will boost your heart rate, sculpt your gorgeous core, and rev your metabolism," Scott and Dawn say. "Adding short, high-intensity bursts of cardio is key to forming beautiful lean muscle and seeing results fast. All the moves are equipment-free, so you can do this routine anytime, anywhere!" Keep scrolling to see the most effective (and efficient) cardio-ab routine, as designed by the Tone It Up girls.