This One Habit Can Make You Feel Like You Just Won the Lottery

improved sleep quality and happiness

Very few of us will ever be lucky enough to win the lottery, yet nearly all of us can still score the mental health improvements associated with the super rare feat. How can you feel like a lottery winner without the added dividends in your bank account? It's as simple as improving your quality of sleep.

According to Health, a recent study from the University of Warwick analyzed 30,500 British people for approximately four years, monitoring their sleep quality and overall health. The researchers found that people who reported improved quality of sleep over the duration of the study also demonstrated improvements in health and well-being comparable to that seen in British lottery winners two years after scoring a jackpot worth up to $250,000. In sum, getting a good night's rest can significantly impact your mood.

"When we sleep well, we feel better—but there may also be more than that," says Cathy Goldstein, MD, assistant professor of neurology at the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center. "Most people need seven to nine hours, and humans don't sleep with 100% sleep efficiency," she notes. "So if you turn off the lights at 10 and wake up at 5, that's probably not a full seven hours of sleep."

Goldstein recommends spending at least seven and a half hours in bed and taking note of how you feel throughout the day. Removing electronic devices from the bedroom and reducing exposure to screen time before bed can help to improve sleep quality. You'll be surprised what a difference a consistently good night's sleep can mean for your overall wellness.

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