Makeup Savvy: Q-Tip Hacks You Haven't Heard Before

Of all the items in our makeup bag, cotton swabs veer on the more banal side of things. Scratch that—cotton swabs are the most banal things, period. Even bobby pins have the power to create mind-boggling works of hair arts and can be sprayed and maneuvered to increase their styling powers. Cotton swabs? We’ll throw some in our makeup bag when traveling, but for the most part, they don’t exactly make our pulses race with excitement. And yet. Like the Laney Boggs of your makeup bag, cotton swabs are often underestimated for their boring exterior. But what if we told you they could compete with your shimmery shadows and velvet lipsticks? What if we told you they were full of secret powers to help you finally, finally keep your lashes curled or perfect your contour?

Ahead, you’ll find 10 Q-tip tips that will take your makeup prowess to the next level, sans Freddie Prinze Jr. Trust us—you’ll never look at your homely little friend the same way again.

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