20 Purple Nail Ideas That Prove It's the Next Big Shade

Close up of a velvet purple manicure


With a certain doll having a major moment, it's fair to say that pink has been deemed the It color. But if you're looking for something a little bit different but just as fun, might we suggest purple? The color of kings (and Prince) adds a unique touch to any beauty look—including a manicure. And from hyacinth to lilac, lavender to plum, there are countless shades to choose from. So you have plenty of options.

Step up your mani game this season by rocking a regal hue that will get you compliments left and right. Here are 20 purple nail designs we plan on copying stat.

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Abstract Plum

Abstract plum nail art, viewed close up


Go for something abstract and fun this spring in the form of a plum mani. With swirly designs and negative space, this nail art is impossibly chic.

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Close up of an abstract ametrine manicure


If you're a fan of crystals and gemstones, try on these ametrine-inspired nails for size. With a light purple polish complemented by gold outlining, this stunning set brings forth balance and creativity—just like the gemstone.

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Purple Crushed Velvet

Close up of a purple crushed velvet manicure


Magnetic nails aren't just for the holidays. Reminiscent of crushed velvet, these sparkly purple nails have a major shine payoff we can't help but obsess over.

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Pink and Purple Swirls

Close up of a purple and pink swirl manicure with negative space


Name a better color combo than purple and pink... we'll wait. With lilac and blush hues in curvy shapes, this mani is bound to put a smile on your face.

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Purple Metallic Chrome

A chrome purple manicure with flower and star details


Metallic with floral details? Yes, please. With a vibrant purple chrome base and understated flower and gem details, this one has us counting down the days until our next nail appointment.

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Purple Daisies

A purple French manicure with daisies


Silky smooth in design, this chic set includes purple, white, and yellow hues. We love how the daisies add a feminine touch.

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Purple Heart-Shaped French Tips

Close up of a French manicure with heart-shaped purple tips


Love a classic French but want to take it up a notch? Go for heart tips instead. These lilac purple nails are the subtle type of fun your manicure needs.

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Gold-Lined Hearts

A milky manicure with purple hearts, outlined in gold


You can't go wrong with gold, especially when it's daintily outlining purple hearts. Set against a nude-pink background, these nails are beyond dreamy.

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Retro Swirls in Shades of Purple

Nails with purple, lilac, and lavender swirls


There's just something about squiggly nails that brings smiles to our faces. With color gradients in multiple shades of purple, you'll love how this mani makes you feel.

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Glazed Lavender Donut

A light lavender chrome manicure with stiletto tips


Spice up your nails with this light lavender chrome set. Reflecting pinks and purples when in the light, you won't be able to take your eyes off them.

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Glitter Florals

A purple glitter/velvet manicure with flower details


Don't let anyone tell you money can't buy happiness—because if you go to the salon and walk out with a glittering garden, you'll be beaming. This set displays a sparkly purple backdrop with floral designs in various purple hues.

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Purple Marble

Purple marble nails on a hand with many pretty rings


We're in love with this marble set with lots of purple dimensions and an almost cloudy-looking texture.

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Minimalist Negative Space

A purple manicure with negative space details


Negative space nails are probably all over your Instagram feed, but this jewel-toned mani is one of the best looks we've seen yet. Eccentric purple shapes set against a sandy-nude background bring the look together in a picture-perfect way.

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Gradient French Tips

A gradient purple French manicure with pearl details


A French manicure in gradient shades of purple and chic pearl details? This set is about as elegant as it gets.

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Milky Lavender

A milky lavender manicure with square tips


If you love the milky nail trend, you need to try out this milky lavender manicure. Keeping it plain and simple with a solid shade of lavender, it's anything but boring and a sensual look we plan on trying out ASAP.

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Mauve and Berry Swirls

A berry and mauve manicure with swirly details


Raise your hand if you're trying to channel your inner Maddy from Euphoria. If you're a fan of the show, you probably remember her swirly nails—and this take on the look, in shades of deep berry and mauve, takes the cake.

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Purple-Blue Shift

Purple chrome nails with an iridescent blue shift


We have never met a chrome mani we didn't like, and this purple set with a blue shift might just be one of our faves of all time. The shift is subtle (yet packs a punch) and will look beautiful on any nail shape.

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Two-Tone French Tips

A purple two-toned French manicure


We've said it before, and we'll say it again: French manis never fail. But if you want something a little bit more out there, go for a two-toned look like this one, which features two beautiful purple hues.

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Sparkly Rhinestone Flowers

A manicure with a neutral base and sparkly purple floral details


Rhinestones are always a good idea, especially when daintily placed on each nail. This sparkly floral mani rests against a pinky-nude base and is the intricate design you have to try.

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Simple and Solid

Close up of a chic, solid-color periwinkle manicure


We love an elevated Plain Jane moment, and this periwinkle mani delivers just that. Not quite purple yet not quite blue, this quirky color is a total stunner.

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