Purple Eyeshadow Looks That Are Gorgeous on Every Skin Tone

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With color slowly making its way back into our makeup bags after years of the beloved "no makeup, makeup" look, one of the hues that have risen to the top as far as the most flattering, happens to be one that you might least expect—purple. From violet to lilac, soft touches of lavender and deep plums, purple actually looks good on everything which makes it that much more worth investigating. Whether you want a sheer finish or need to pack a powerful punch, consider purple your new must-have eyeshadow color. Keep scrolling for our round-up of purple eyeshadow looks which happen to be gorgeous on every skin tone; you'll be reaching for your eyeshadow brushes immediately.

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Deep Mauve Smoke

It's no surprise that one of the most sought-after makeup artists, Hung Vanngo would give us a purple smoky eyeshadow look that's mesmerizing along with looking really chic. Smoky eyes are a great way to show off purple, as it gives depth and color at the same time. For this look, choose an eyeshadow palette like Lancôme's Lavender Grace Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette ($50) that has a few purple and violet shades to create dimension. Blend the deepest purple shade into the crease, and use the lighter lilac shades as a highlight. Line with a rich black eyeliner to set the look, such as Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon ($26).

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Watercolor Plum

A key example of how light, soft shades of purple are just as stunning as deeper tones, this watercolor effect created by makeup artist Patrick Ta gives just enough color without needing to go bold. The soft plum on the eyes sets a romantic feel for the entire makeup look and is ideal for anyone wanting to ease their way into wearing more color on the eyes. One eyeshadow can create this look, such as Inika Organics Loose Mineral Eyeshadow in Autumn Plum ($22). Lightly blend shadow all over the eyelid and up towards the eyebrow if a soft, monochromatic look is what you like.

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Purple Heavy Metal

Red carpet makeup is always inspiring and this eyeshadow look created by makeup artist Sir John is the perfect example of how metallic purple definitely makes everything better. Blending a vibrant shade of violet on the eyelids also helps the lash-line standout, as if you'd applied eyeliner. Colourpop's Lilac You a Lot palette ($12) has the perfect array of shades to recreate this look.

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Dramatic Violet Wing

Surely by now you've noticed purple can be one of the best tones to really make eyes pop, and this dramatic winged look created by makeup artist Vincent Oquendo gives us all the reason to experiment with violet. Violet Voss's Sweet Violet Eyeshadow Palette ($18) is ideal to use for this look, be sure to pack a little more shadow on the lid with an eyeshadow brush for a pop of color and extend shadow out towards the edge of the eye in a winged shape when blending.

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All-Over Amethyst

We're here for this dreamy, amethyst eyeshadow look and have makeup artist Allan Avendaño to thank for giving us all the amethyst eyeshadow inspiration we didn't know we needed. Bold, amethyst shadow like Huda Beauty's Obsession's Amethyst Palette ($27) is a great place to start when wanting to experiment with this color yourself.

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Sparkling Orchid

Shimmer, sparkles, and a holographic effect that looks gorgeous at every turn, this eyeshadow look takes creativity to the next level. The different layers of orchid colored shadow give a versatility that looks as if you spent hours on your makeup. Start with applying an eyeshadow base to ensure whatever shadow you apply next holds well through the day, or event you might be attending. Follow up with a loose powder glitter pigment like NYX Cosmetics Metallic Glitter in Beauty Beam ($7) that has shades of purple in it for the final touch.

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Pastel Wisteria

A monochromatic pastel eyeshadow look is an ideal choice when you're really color crushing on a specific shade of purple. Applying eyeshadow to the eyelids and then framing the top and bottom lash-line with the same color gives an all-around clean and effortless feel. Bodyography's Pure Pigment Eyeshadow in Mandevilla ($7) can aid in helping you ace this look.

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Electric Periwinkle

This example of a touch of the periwinkle shadow is giving us all the electric feels. With a balanced and beautiful application, it's an ideal look to wear anytime, any place. Glossier's Lidstar in Lily ($18) can give the same sheer, shimmery look when applied to the top and bottom of the eye.

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Grape Expectations

Smoldering grape-toned shadow graces the eyelids here, showing how dressy makeup doesn't need to be complicated. If you're not wanting to do a full-blown smoky eye, opt for deeper shadow shades that you can blend on lids with minimal effort. Try this eyeshadow duo that has a few varying shades of purple to play with when re-creating this look.

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Shimmering Lavender Lids

The simplest touch of a shimmery, lilac eyeshadow is a brilliant way to wear color throughout the day, and transition into nighttime makeup without having to change anything. The shimmer adds an elegant touch, while the lilac hue shows off just enough color for eyes that stand out. Start by applying a cream eyeshadow on the lids, and follow up with a powder eyeshadow that has a shimmer to it to set. Voila!

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