Pumpkin Spice Hair Is Trending for Fall—This Is What It Looks Like

It’s only fitting that pumpkin spice is most prominent during the Halloween season, especially since it lurks around and pops up everywhere like a villain in a horror film. Pumpkin spice can be found virtually anywhere: candles, hand soaps, candy, Oreos…and, of course, the OG Starbucks drink. If it can be pumpkin-spiced, chances are it already has been.

But while we’d be lying if we said that this obsession didn’t feel a little tired, there’s a PSL-inspired hair trend currently sweeping Instagram that we can actually get behind. After all, warm, cinnamon-tinged locks are a classic look that feel particularly fresh for fall.

So even if the words pumpkin spice are cause for hesitation, before your eyes roll into the back of your head, give this look a gander. (Psst: It’s even model-approved.)

This post was first published on October 19, 2015.

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