24 Pumpkin Nail Designs for the Spookiest Fingertips

Neutral manicure with orange pumpkin nail designs and polka dots


'Tis the season for all things pumpkin, including your manicure. Best paired with your pumpkin spice latte, spooky Halloween makeup, and your favorite fall candle, these nails will have you rethinking simple nail art and craving something fun and fresh for the holiday.

If spooky season isn't your thing, worry not, as pumpkin season just may be. From Halloween extreme to pastels and iridescent chrome, fall's favorite squash truly has the range, and there's a pumpkin nail art look for every taste.

Ahead, see 24 pumpkin nail designs to get you inspired for your next salon visit.

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The Perfect Pumpkin Patch

Neutral manicure with small pumpkin nail designs and orange polka dots


The cutest pumpkin patch you'll ever see, this classic fall nail look is a perfect pick for October.

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Pumpkins look their best alongside a cute ghost pair, some bats, and skulls, of course. And why stick to one style of pumpkin when you can match with a fun spooky set?

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When Leopard Meets Pumpkin

What's more chic than pumpkin nails for fall? A touch of leopard spots to make your pumpkin feel high-fashion. Add a matte finish topcoat to complete this sleek look.

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Golden Girl

Gold and white pumpkin nail design on tip of manicure


Pumpkins go glam with this subtle gold design accented with the perfect white outline. Think french tips-meet-October.

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Pumpkin and Friends

A happy pumpkin meets a plaid pumpkin in this fun mismatched set. The cutest pumpkin you'll ever see (featuring lots of adorably spooky friends) sits alongside the sophisticated pumpkin of our dream fall pillow, each as a solo nail.

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Melting Pumpkin

Beige manicure with orange melting pumpkin nail designs


Melt away with these trippy pumpkins. Artist Jen Seales notes these were inspired by the acid smiley face trend, but made seasonal just in time for Halloween.

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Pumpkin Chrome

If you love the chrome nails trend and/or a good abstract manicure, try bringing the two elements together in a seasonal shade. This fall nail look can go beyond October and last you until the holidays (only to be replaced by mint and cranberry chrome).

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Ghost Pal

Is this not the cutest ghost-pumpkin pair you've ever seen? The glitter pumpkin details mixed with the sweetest doe-eyed ghost make for the perfect seasonal nail art.

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Green with Envy

Green pumpkin nail designs with gold stem leaf detail


A subtle twist on a classic look, olive green takes this pumpkin tip to another level of chic, utilizing one of this season's top colors. Together with a complementary nude background, these pumpkins pop beautifully.

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Speckled Orange

Neon orange manicure with black speckled design


For a more subtle nod to pumpkin that still makes a clear Halloween nod, this speckled orange and black design is the perfect happy medium. An easy intro to DIY nail art, this mani works for all of October.

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Pumpkin Skeleton

Cream glitter manicure with pumpkin head skeleton accent nails


When two Halloween staples collide, you get this perfectly drawn pumpkin skeleton. With all the delicate and intricate line work, this is not your average nail look, but the results are a true work of art.

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Painted Pumpkin

Painterly pumpkin nail design and orange and green ring


When nail art meets real art, you get this gorgeous painterly pumpkin design. It's giving museum-worthy oil painting and is sure to be a head-turner.

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Wallpaper Nails

Nail art that doubles as the perfect Halloween wallpaper? Yes, please. This gorgeous print incorporates pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, and serves all the fun Halloween feels in the most sophisticated way. The black background makes the design more subtle, but striking nonetheless.

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Pumpkin Splash

Pumpkin orange nails, but make it a moment: The ever popular water droplet nail meets this perfect color to make the ultimate October design.

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Karma Is a (Pumpkin) Cat

Purple manicure with vampire, skeleton, witch, and pumpkin cat nail designs


Calling all cat lovers: This is the purrrfect nail art for you (sorry, we had to). The cutest pumpkin-styled cat accompanied by some other Halloween-inspired friends, this design is for all the pet parents who want to include their furry friends in their nail art design.

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Pumpkin, But Make It Pastel

Pastel green, orange, and blue manicure with bat and pumpkin design accent nails


Maybe you're into Halloween designs but not one for the bright oranges, purples, and greens parallel to the holiday. This design is for you: In the most perfect pastel colors, this pumpkin art complements solid color nails for a neutral look that you can rock any season.

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Holographic Pumpkins

Black French manicure with iridescent blood orange pumpkin design at base


Glazed nails may be all the buzz right now, but have you seen holographic nail art? This rainbow-reflecting style takes a simple pumpkin nail design to new levels and we're totally here for it.

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Classic Jack-O'-Lantern

Black manicure with orange and white woods, ghost, web, and pumpkin nail designs


When it comes to Halloween nails, you can never go wrong with a classic scene. These sweet jack-o'-lanterns are accompanied by ghosts, spider webs, and the perfect forest scene that gives all the spooky season vibes.

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Spooky Sketches

Multi-patterned manicure with cauldron, vortex, Beetlejuice slime, and pumpkin nail designs


Why choose one pumpkin design when you can choose two? And why choose between matte and gloss when you can have both? These fun, illustrative nails give a taste of every style, with the jack-o'-lantern nails front and center.

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Fall Pumpkin

Pumpkins have such a close association to Halloween that we often forget they're an overall fall staple. I mean, you don't stop drinking PSLs just because November 1 comes around, and before we know it many of us will gather around the table for pumpkin pie. These neutral pumpkin nails are perfect for the entire autumn season, and we can't get enough of them.

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Glazed Pumpkin Donut

Pumpkin spice chrome glazed nails


It would be foolish to do any nail roundup in fall 2022 and not include a glazed donut nail. While this may not be pumpkin nail art specifically, the glazed pumpkin spice shade is most certainly a work of art and a staple this season.

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Fall Showers Bring Pumpkin Flowers

Ghost, skeleton, and pumpkin floral nails on one hand, "Boo" letters on the other


Florals for Halloween? Groundbreaking. But actually, this floral moment incorporating all of the October staples is the perfect way to add a little glam to a spooky set.

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Pearly Pumpkin

The white and gold pearly plush pumpkin of our dreams is right here. The glittery pumpkin with metallic gold accents feels top-tier luxe and will make you do a double take.

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All That Glitters

This classic orange design pops off the nail with a stunning glitter accent on each nail. The cherry pumpkins are fun and unique, and the glitter background will make you oooh and aaah.

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