The Basic-Girl Ingredient Your Beauty Routine Needs

Whether you’re #TeamPSL or could really care less, it’s impossible to deny that pumpkin is having a moment (albeit a season-long one). Once limited to seasonal coffee variations, pie, and a certain princess’s iconic ride home, pumpkin can now be found in almost anything—just visit your local Trader Joe’s if you don’t believe us.

Hype aside, the food itself (which is actually a cultivated variety of the squash plant) has some serious oomph when it comes to its nutritional (and beautifying) profile. Chock-full of vitamins A and C, along with a healthy dose of iron, the low-cal fruit (nope, it’s not a vegetable!) is a fabulous source of skin-enhancing, inflammation-reducing antioxidants and other pretty-promoting ingredients—reason enough to begin incorporating this festive food into your beauty routine stat, and to feel a tad less guilty about that second helping of pie. Keep scrolling for three game-changing DIYS, along with some of our favorite pumpkin-infused beauty picks!