Protective Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles work well to prevent damage and help with hair health and growth. From twists, cornrows, weaves, locs, bantu knots, and more, read on for expert-approved techniques for all your favorite protective styles.

Close up of a woman with a Bantu knot-out hairstyle
How to Create Your Best Bantu Knot-Out Yet, Straight From the Pros

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35 Protective Styles for Black Hair

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Mini Twists: How to Create the Protective Style On Any Hair Length

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How to Avoid Post-Weave Matting
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Crochet Braids: Everything You Need to Know
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The History Of Bantu Knots Is Important To Know

4 Ways to Keep Your Scalp Healthy and Dandruff-Free During Protective Styles

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What Are Headband Wigs? A Guide to the Easy and Effortless Protective Style

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Bantu Knots and Reaffirming the Worthiness of My Black Beauty

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On Braids as an Art Form