7 Protective Hairstyles for Every Skill Level

Protective hairstyles can be a saving grace no matter the season—keeping hair free of the damage regular styling and manipulation induce and also freeing up your time by reducing the need for maintenance (read: some much-needed extra "me" time in the morning). So whether your goal is to protect your hair while it grows out or simply cut back on the amount of time devoted to making it look 10/10, a protective hairstyle can be a saving grace.

A common misconception is that protective styles require extensions, but in reality, the term applies to any style that saves hair from regular styling, even when it means braiding your natural hair.

Here we've rounded up seven protective hairstyles for natural hair to add to your repertoire. Once done, these styles require little maintenance but come with a big payoff.

Head below for seven protective hairstyles for every skill level.