A Woman Turned Herself Into Meghan Markle—the Results Are Amazingly Accurate

Like the rest of the world, we're overly obsessed with Duchess Meghan Markle's drop-dead bridal makeup she wore on her big day. Her glam done by the imitable celeb makeup artist Daniel Martin was equal parts glam, glowy, and natural, which made it such a wearable look many brides are inspired to re-create for their weddings. As you can imagine, there are countless YouTube tutorials floating around of vloggers replicating Markle's wedding makeup, but we just came across a tutorial by Promise Tamang that's outshining the rest.

If you aren't familiar with Tamang's mind-blowing makeup transformations, prepare to be in awe of her serious skills. She knows a thing or two about transforming herself into the most believable doppelgangers that you'll catch yourself doing double takes. Just watch her Cardi B. and Selena Gomez makeup transformations, and you'll be shook by the spot-on resemblance she creates with makeup. Meghan Markle was up next for Tamang, and her tutorial garnered over 356,000 views and 1300 comments—it's that good.