Prom 2022 Beauty Trends: Gatsby Glam, Euphoria Eye Makeup, and More

Peyton List

Peyton List / Pinterest

Even if you're not in high school, prom beauty trends encourage us all to have a little more fun with glam. To highlight the looks Gen Z is embracing this year, Pinterest recently debuted its prom 2022 trend hub. The social media platform has compiled all of the top makeup, hair, and nail searches into one place and provided tips on how to achieve the prom-ready styles.

In addition to showcasing trending content from creators on the platform, Pinterest partnered with actress and Pley Beauty founder Peyton List to create tutorials for some of the looks. "I love how expressive Gen Z is with beauty," List tells us. "[This year's prom trends] aren't so straightforward or classic. People are going all out with their looks."

Some of the trends evoke nostalgia as they take notes from decades past—specifically the glamour of the '20s, the punk era of the '70s, and the playfulness of Y2K. Of course, modern references are also infused into the prom '22 aesthetic, with Euphoria beauty taking center stage.

The diversity of these looks will inspire you to try different eye makeup, switch up your hairstyle, and give new nail colors a go. Below, scroll through all of the makeup, hair, and nail trends taking over prom this year.

Great Gatsby Glam

Photo of actress Peyton List

Pinterest / Peyton List

Searches for Great Gatsby prom dresses are up 7x, so it's only natural that '20s-inspired makeup is also a focal point this season. Dark lips, smoky eyes, rosy cheeks, and defined brows were some of the beauty trademarks of the decade.

List's take on the trend—which was brought to life by makeup artist Melissa Hernandez—incorporated many of these elements. You can recreate the look using Pley Beauty products, including the Modern Muse Palette ($36), One Stop Pop Plush Powder Blush in Desert Dusk ($20), and Lust + Found Glossy Lip Lacquer in Mae ($20).

If you want to fully lean into "The Roaring Twenties" vibe, choosing a hairstyle reminiscent of the era is the next step. The Cobra Kai actress wore Old Hollywood sculpted waves (styled by celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins), but you could also opt for a faux bob, finger waves, or a detailed updo. 

Euphoria Beauty

Euphoria blue eye makeup


Since debuting in 2019, HBO's Euphoria has impacted beauty culture in a major way. The show's makeup artists, Donni Davy and Kristen Coleman, have gifted us with iconic looks (think: Maddy's blue bejeweled eyes, Kat's red eyeliner, or Jules' glitter eyeshadow).

Overall, searches for Euphoria party makeup are currently up 46x. But it's clear there's also an interest in specific looks from the show—like Euphoria eyeliner (+18x), green Euphoria makeup (+8x), blue Euphoria makeup (+8x), and Euphoria glitter makeup (+7x).

The show's beauty influence clearly extends beyond makeup, as people are also browsing Euphoria hairstyles (+18x) and nails (+106x). Regarding the latter, Pinterest tapped Euphoria's nail artist Natalie Minerva to show you how to create Maddy's "Mugler" nails from episode one.  

Pearly Punk 

Photo of actress Peyton List wearing two buns

Peyton List / Pinterest

Prom and updos go hand in hand. However, this season's prom updos feel edgy and unexpected. List worked with Hawkins to create a cool two bun look, leaving out a few spiky pieces and adorning each bun with pearls. It's giving punk meets pearlcore

You can enhance your rock-chic beauty moment with dark nails. Black prom nails are specifically trending—searches are up 5x. There are endless ways you can wear the bold color, from black ombre nails to matte black nails.

Y2K Vibes

Tessa Thompson wearing bubble braid

Lacy Redway

Gen Z has resurrected Y2K beauty, highlighting the playfulness of the decade. While millennium makeup looks like pastel eyeshadow and holographic lip gloss are trending, Gen Z'ers seem to be mostly fixated on early aughts hair for prom.

On Pinterest, hairstyles like half up half down (+7x) and updo ponytails (+6x) are gaining traction. If you're looking for more 2000s hair inspiration, spiky hair and bubble braids are signature styles that are returning once more.

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