"The Globe Is My Stage": Priyanka Chopra Isn't Crossing Over—She's Taking Over

Thirty seconds into my interview with Priyanka Chopra, disaster nearly strikes. We’ve just gotten into a black SUV that’s taking us to Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, where Chopra is filming her show, Quantico. Outside, the sky is ugly-crying silvery tears; a mini whirlpool is forming on the sidewalk. Chopra leans her back against the car door—which the driver suddenly jerks open from the outside. For a horrifying split second, it seems as if she will careen back-first and land in the small river below. (I can picture the tabloid headline now: Actress falls out of vehicle, pushed by journalist inside?) My arm instinctively jolts out, trying to save her from certain injury. But alas—Chopra needs no saving. Miraculously, inexplicably, she manages to right herself milliseconds before a less nimble person such as myself would have free-fallen to the pavement. A tense moment passes as she gathers herself, and the driver apologizes, anxious. I’m expecting a terse word or at least a hint of annoyance. Instead, Chopra chuckles. “I’m actually really agile,” she says to me in her husky voice, smiling. “They call me spider monkey on set.” She smooths her hair, adjusts her sunglasses, and grabs her coffee from the cup holder. “Now, what were you saying?” And just like that, I’ve caught my first glimpse of the Priyanka Factor.